A82 NOT clear of rockfall

[20.00 update: A82 north of Corran Ferry now appears to be operating normnally.] The A82 – which was NOT shown as under any restriction on the Traffic Scotland website at the 08.30 rush hour this morning, turns out NOT to have been cleared at all.

The item reappeared on the site later on, showing the hazard warning as at 9th October at 14.46 – as reported here yesterday.

This means that the fault in the Traffic Scotland website – where already listed items get pushed out somehow by the rush hour notices and reappear later- hasĀ  not been corrected.

This is potentially dangerous where an item displaced in this way is warning of increased risk of landslides at Rest and be Thankful on the A83.

We have been in communication with Transport Scotland over this programming fault. It is disappointing, not to say irresponsible, that it has not yet put right.

The A82, at yesterday’s rockfall site one mile north of Corran Ferry, is still operating on single lane only with temporary traffic lights.

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4 Responses to A82 NOT clear of rockfall

    • A good temporary solution – thank you.
      But ‘Current Incidents’ carries an immediate and primary authority which is most people’s first call.
      We are disappointed at Transport Scotland’s lack of professionalism in failing to get this put right.

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  1. Traffic Scotland do seem to frequently have wrong or contradictory information. There is another transformer moving from Invergordon to Fort Augustus this weekend. There appears to be restrictions between Invergordon and Beauly on Saturday though it does not appear directly under Planned Roadworks. A couple of weeks ago for the first transformer they closed the road between Drumnadrochit and Fort Augustus until 0900h on Sunday but there are yellow signs everywhere saying that it is closed until 1200h on Sunday. Eventually appeared on the Traffic Scotland with this at the top of the page.

    “End Date/Time Sunday, 14 Oct 2012 – 12:00″

    But lower down

    “The A82 will be closed to northbound traffic for the duration of
    the load journey south to Fort Augustus between 7am and 9am. ”


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  2. PS

    Regarding the fault in Traffic Scotland programming. It might be worth bypassing them and going straight to the Transport Secretary.

    A few years ago I noticed every time I went down to Wales that they were using the flashing amber lights on their VMS when just carrying trivial “road safety” messages. I EMailed Traffic Wales a couple of times but never had a reply. Next time I was down I EMailed the Welsh Transport Secretary and got a very quick acknowledgement from his office followed shortly by a reply from someone high up in Traffic Wales, apologising and asking if I wanted a look around their operations centre! I never saw them doing it again so the word must have reached the right people.

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