Easdale Island for sale: Statement from Easdale Island Company Ltd

‘On behalf of Easdale Island Company Limited, I am pleased a resolution was found allowing the World Stone Skimming Championship to take place. The dispute was only ever about Eilean Eisdeal providing proof of insurance for staging the event , and a nominal payment that is intended to be put towards benefiting the whole community on Easdale Island.

‘The organising body Eilean Eisdeal, has finally produced a copy of their insurance policy to our solicitors on the 19 September 2012. In addition the amount of £1000 was paid, for the use of Company land for the Stone Skimming Championship, by a third party.

‘This payment will be used in consultation with the Easdale Island Residents and Property Owners Association to the benefit of all the islanders.

‘My family has been involved with Easdale Island for the last 25 years and we have always supported the residents in all their various events and projects while maintaining the unique natural environment and heritage of the island. We have worked with both Eilean Eisdeal Ltd and the Easdale Island Residents & Property Owners Association (EIRPOA).

‘Easdale Island Company Limited has attempted over the years to bring all the residents together and our intention has never been to fragment or bring tension to the islanders.

‘I am extremely grateful for the support of the vast majority of Easdale residents on the Stone Skimming issue and indeed all the support we received from the islanders over the years.

‘As a result of the above, perhaps it is time for a change in direction for the island and I am now prepared to consider reasonable offers for the island, including the land and slate assets of Easdale Island Company Limited.

‘All enquiries should be directed in writing, and in confidence to:
E Thornton & Co, 17 Lochside Street, Oban PA34 4HP

‘Jonathan Feigenbaum’

Note: Mr Feigenbaum’s company own Easdale Island.

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35 Responses to Easdale Island for sale: Statement from Easdale Island Company Ltd

  1. Well that’s good news that he’s prepared to sell. Won’t need a hostile buy-out now. :)

    I’ve no doubt everybody will be delighted … ( whistle )

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  2. Simon – won’t need a hostile buyout, but I wonder if it will mean an end to the internecine hostilities?

    Would be good if so, because Mr Feigenbaum’s offer presents an excellent opportunity for the warring factions to bury their differences and work towards a positive outcome.

    Perhaps it’s time to call in Tony Blair :-)

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  3. Believe it or not, an intermediary has been tried. Several people have attempted to make peace but Eilean Eisdeal directors will only work with people who hold the same ideals. They will not work with other groups (several have tried) and claim not to recognise the Residents’ Association.

    On another note, I understand that Cafferty claims that they were advised not to show the insurance certificate. I wonder if she can prove it.

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      • None of them are native to the island, they are all incomers from places such as Edinburgh and Glasgow and their values differ from those of the the islanders.
        Integrity, democracy and community spirit seem foreign concepts to these people and as their actions of this week have demonstrated truthfulness does not figure anywhere on their agenda.

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          • Not all of the directors live on the island. As for the second part of your question I will leave that to the residents to answer although I would point out that the person who apparently will benefit the most from the stone skimming is the chairwoman of EE and who is also the proprieter of the island’s only pub and tearoom.

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          • Let’s put it this way: As Chair, Cafferty was at the forefront of trying to get the island charity to build a hostel on the opposite side of the island to her hostelry. She claimed that her business was doomed if it did not go ahead. To date the pub appears to have gone from strength to strength, so it seems that this was yet another statement which could be interpreted as misleading.

            Many residents saw it as a ruse for the charity to apply for funding for a hostel (which residents objected to) in order for her to make more money for her business. This was supported by her outburst when residents pointed out that the plans for the building did not include a kitchen. No kitchen, where would they need to eat? – you guessed it – her pub!
            Don’t believe me? It’s here in black and white:


            Slide 20: The Brief. Last para. “It should not be entirely self contained….”

            Slide 29: Design proposal: How the visitor accommodation will be a community building. Para. 2 “The lodge purposely omits any kitchen/dining room allowing the existing Puffer Bar and Restaurant to serve as the main eating facility.”

            OSCR made it clear that this was a conflict of interest in the investigation report but it won’t make an iota of difference. Fortunately, it seems that the planners told them what to do with it (tho’ probably a bit more polite than that).

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          • am very glad the pub makes money from big events. that means it is a viable business and will succeed, as running a business on Easdale is a challenge. Get down to the pub everyone and support it.

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  4. I’m not surprised he’s had enough. I think he’s remained very dignified throughout this whole debacle. Hopefully now a few things will come out in the wash about what is going on over there. I wish the residents would speak up publicly about what really ails their island.

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      • I am probably naive Clootie and tbh, many of us in Oban haven’t realised how serious the situation has been, thinking it a minor feud between neighbours. I wonder if, given the inadequacies of the Oban Times, it would be worth approaching one of the broadsheets that carried the innacurate story last week and pointing them in the direction of ForArgyll?

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        • I’m told that that’s been tried, but the Pye-Jye aren’t interested in the complex truth. Painting the landlord deepest black, and the puir wee charity spotless white is much simpler and, of course, much more fun. :-(

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          • Unfortunately half-truths and exaggerations are all that newspapers seem to be interseted in these days, and we , the public are not blameless as we ‘buy’ the headlinesand the more desperate papers become for circulation the worse it will become.
            I’d rather honest debate on here any day where everyone gets their say.

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    • Those that have spoken up in the past have had their property damaged and stolen, threats made against them and more. The police have been involved on many occasions. Is it any wonder that only a small minority now dare to stand up against EE? The joke used to be that you can tell who has stood up to EE as they will be missing a wing mirror on their car!

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      • It would appear that this anti-social behaviour tends to happen whenever EE have one of their planning applications turned down and those affected are the people who objected to the planning applications. It is no wonder that so many of the island property owners have installed security cameras.

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  5. The lessered spotted MacKenzie was pictured in Taynuilt alongside Russell and Roddy. Will he make an offer for the island and declare it independent.It could become a tax haven and allow Sir Sean to return for the vote.
    Have Argyll and Bute,s finest the good old enviromentalists,guardians of our green pastures and sea shores managed to find out who owns the crap on the Island.
    Will coincillor Louise Glen-Lee ever tell us why she is not standing for re-election.
    As I sip the last of my cider and contenplate what tomorrow may bring, my heart beats quicker waiting in eager anticipation for the next Chord meeting when all Oban,s problems will be solved.
    All our questions will eventually be answered so please rest easy all over Argyll and enjoy your weekend.
    Cheers Neil.

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    • Youre right Neil.
      MacKenzie appears to be a strange reclusive character and will not have the letters MSP after his name ever again after the next election. An embarasment to the otherwise hard working and responsible SNP in the area.
      Slainte Neil.

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      • Wonder what he’ll do with himself, given that he shuffled off all his building interests the second he knew he was “in”? I hear that one of his former companies is about to be dissolved leaving about £200,000 quidsworth of debts in its wake.

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      • In order for Mike MacKenzie not to have MSP after his name when the SNP’s 5 years term ends in May 2016,is likely to depend on the votes of the SNP members to put Mike on or off the SNP List of candidates!
        The electorate are unlikely to get the chance unless Mike Russell stands down like Jim Mather after one term as a FPTP MSP.
        Like Mike Russell, Mike MacKenzie would probably stand for both FPTP and the Party List system.

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  6. Perhaps another group from the island should buy it to protect the island from the threat of unwanted development, protect the walled gardens and make it a sanctuary for wildlife. There is plenty that could be improved such as the footpaths.

    However, I expect that any funding for a community buy-out will only be given for land with potential for development and making money. After all, it’s the world in which we live. It seems communities believe they can only be happy if they are making large sums of money, building houses, running around like Red Coats and taking on any number of other responsibilities. And what type of person does that attract?

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  7. Perhaps conservation groups would be willing to put up some of the money, it is a Conservation Area after all. It is also the most densely populated island in the Hebrides and is not suitable for further development and consequently would not be attractive to any developers with the seven figure sum available that would be required to buy the island.

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  8. scots ecology
    Quite true it may not be so attractive as a development area
    But it’s attraction to Mike Mackenzie as a small but personal fiefdom may be iressistable to his fervered brain.

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  9. The problem with the human being is that wherever we go, we take ourselves with us.
    Good luck to all those who dream of cosy little communities on islands, just don’t forget to study human behavior before you go there lol lol!

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  10. Nice wee slant on the Stone Skimming by Joan McAlpine in todays Record.Apparently the absentee owner “demanded” the money or the event would not go ahead.A good samaritan came up with the cash so that pillar of the community Mike MacKenzie and everyone else could enjoy the weekend.Amazing how the SNP feel the need to try and help out good old Mike but he remains silent.
    I think that speaks for itself.
    With SNP councillor Louise Glen-Lee not speaking to her local party members about her not standing for re-election and Mike MacKenzie our SNP list MSP basically invisible what
    message does that give us locally whether you are an SNP. supporter or not.
    Cheers Neil

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  11. Neil, hoi, lay off the SNP!!

    The Fat Controller (a.k.a Wee Eck) has spent years gettign them all on message, getting rid of dissenters (Jim Sillars anyone?) and telling them all to SHUT UP AND STAY ON MESSAGE!!!

    He’s got his fingers and toes crossed that this’ll last till the referendum – but the closer we get the more manouvering for position there will be and the more they will break ranks.

    Not Mike McKenzie though as he’s permananently gagged….

    Have a nice day. :)

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  12. Simon, I hope your not starting to go soft as you get older.
    We all need you to get the crack going.
    As for the SNP well my sympathy is for Roddy who must be demented.I had a good blether with him on Saturday and the only place he gets any peace is when he is on his bike.He,s a good bloke being put in a very awkward position by his colleaques.
    My lips are sealed for now.
    Cheers Neil.

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  13. Yep Neil – Roddy’s a nice bloke – far too nice to be associating with the ambitious careerists in his own party squabbling amongst themselves as they manouvere for position.
    ‘Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a cooncil’.

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