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It is no witch hunt Andy, there is …

Comment posted Council enforcement staff to discuss fly tipping on Easdale Island by jim bean.

It is no witch hunt Andy, there is evidence that the culprit is indeed Mr Mike Mackenzie list MSP and all he needs to do is to present the proper authenticated documentation which will prove that this highly dangerous material was disposed of in a legal safe and correct manner. Silence on this subject will most certainly NOT be an acceptable response.

jim bean also commented

  • I quite agree with the treasure hunt for the asbestos in question. But what about the hunt for proper documents and safety proceedures that are legally necessary before the nasty dangerous asbestos can be removed in the first place.
    Surely Mr Mackenzie MSP the builder responsible for this work will be able to produce the necessary documentation which will put everybodies minds at rest. Come on Mr Mackenzie make our day!

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  • Easdale Island for sale: Statement from Easdale Island Company Ltd
    scots ecology
    Quite true it may not be so attractive as a development area
    But it’s attraction to Mike Mackenzie as a small but personal fiefdom may be iressistable to his fervered brain.
  • Unhappy Easdale Island owner threatens holding of imminent World Stone Skimming Championships
    Mr Feiganbaum’s letter seems eminently reasonable. He quite obviously has the interests of the island and it’s residents foremost in his mind, and has stated that any revenue he might receive from the use of his land would be used generally to improve Easdale Island, to the benefit of both residents and visitors. This is in stark contrast to the intransigent and arrogant response he has apparantly received from Eileen Eisdeal directors and their Chair Keren Cafferty, who seem hell bent on ignoring the land owner and making as much money as they can from the use of his land.

    The stone skimming championship being a prime example, Keren Cafferty the Chair of Eileen Eisdeal has apparantly audaciously refused to disclose evidence of any insurance for the event to the island owner, or any one else for that matter. Why is it a secret Keren? But then any question always seems to attract the same answer. Eileen Eisdeal’s claim to put money back in the community is a joke, unless it is a grant from the public purse, ask any islander as long as their name is not Mackenzie or Melville.

    The hall which E,E use as a hub for fund raising and charges handsomely for entry to one and all for any events it chooses to put on is locked on a daily basis and therefore excludes both residents and visitors from entry. Some Community Hall EH!!!!! The monies accrured from the music hall are swelled with monies from what used to be called “The Regatta” but is now renamed “Atlantic Fun Day” the change of name seems to have coincided with a new policy of non disclosure of how much the event made.Presumably it makes it more difficult for people to estimate how much money they have aquired for their coffers!
    Now lastly but not least E,E, make around £5,000 from the Stone Skimming possibly excluding the bar takings, quite a lot. But the Community would be hard pressed to identify any benefit whatsoever for Easdale Island, it’s residents or the Community in general. How is this acummulated money spent? Some think it is spent on Q.Cs, others think it is spent on Architects and still more think it is spent on Planning advisors.
    But Islanders are concened, just what is it spent on?????

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