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This land is not safe to be built …

Comment posted Council enforcement staff to discuss fly tipping on Easdale Island by Maurice Brodie.

This land is not safe to be built upon because it is contaminated with buried toxic substances.

Maurice Brodie also commented

  • All the more reason that the A&B Council enforcement staff in conjunction with SEPA conduct a full and thorough investigation to establish the identify of the anti-social culprit(s).
    It would not be in the council’s interests to attempt a whitewash.
  • They will probably claim that this is what the “community” wants, which seems to be their standard statement.
  • Fly tipping is a serious criminal offence punishable by fine and/or a jail term.

    This section of land has been used as a dumping ground for builder’s waste for many years, although the problem certainly has got a lot worse since Eilean Eideal aquired the land. The published pictures only show the rubbish above ground, they don’t show all the builder’s waste that has been buried on this ground.

    As well as the asbestos mentioned in the article it is likely that this land has been thoroughly contaminated with other toxic substances such as petrol, diesel, paint and CFCs from old fridges.

    As has been mentioned in other posts, the islanders are well aware of who created all this mess. As can be seen from the pictures some of these items could not have been man-handled onto this ground it would require transporting using suitable vehicles. The question is who owns these vehicles and who has been using them?

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