Campbeltown Picture House in first stage of Creative Scotland funding scheme

Campbeltown PIcture House

Amongst £15m of investment in creative spaces just announced by Creative Scotland  – and one of those headlined in Creative Scotland’s press release on the first stage of the scheme -  is Campbeltown’s Picture House.

The awards, for buildings and public art projects, will support organisations to develop ambitious new plans taking place across Scotland.  Each project will now begin a detailed development stage and almost £15 million has been set aside by Creative Scotland to support the successful final plans.

In the case of the restoration and upgrading of the Picture House Cinema in Campbeltown, it has been give £4,000 to develop its proposals for a provisional Stage 2 award of £430,000.

Jane Mayo, Chair of the community company responsible for Campbeltown’s Picture House says: ‘We are extremely grateful for this award to help conserve our precious, historic cinema and improve our facilities to include the MacGrory Brothers’ iconic photograph collection.’

She tells us that this is: ‘… more wonderful news for The Picture House. Of course it’s only the first step, but it does show other potential funders that we’re getting up a pretty good head of steam.

‘Our 2nd Round application to Heritage Lottery Fund went in at the end of August and we hope to hear about that at the beginning of December.

‘We are also talking to Argyll & Bute, HIE and LEADER.   And we’re about to launch a Seat Sponsorship Scheme’.

Seat sponsorship enables several very constructive things.

it provides a one-off boost to funds when that is needed by worthwhile long term community investment projects like this one.

It creates a physical bond between individuals and a place that really matters to their community – like this unmatchable lifter of the spirits and provider of continuing entertainment.

It records for posterity the names of those who saw fit to commit to this sort of preservation of a landmark in the very character of a town they rightly celebrate as a resident or a visitor.

The Campbeltown Picture House also has a Donate button on every page of its website – except the home page – and this is Gift Aid enabled, increasing the value of any donation to the Picture House development project.

The community team behind the Picture House initiative are endlessly resourceful, determined and professional in what they do – which has brought respect, interest and funding hand in hand.

Individuals, businesses and anyone anywhere who would enjoy the enduring bond it will create, will shortly be able to sponsor a seat – and make a fun present of one – in this delightful feature of Campbeltown’s townscape.

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9 Responses to Campbeltown Picture House in first stage of Creative Scotland funding scheme

    • The ‘m’ on my keyboard is one of a few so hard used it sometimes doesn’t register. We were scrambling to catch up with yesterday’s emails after the power outage. I was handling this story this morning and I didn’t notice the missing ‘m’. Thank you for the prompt – and apologies if we made Creative Scotland look skinflint.

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  1. How dare you!!! No mistake heisles – Newsie don’t make mistakes – Newise is blessed (or cursed) with a fabulous memory and takes copious notes!!

    You can expect a 2,000 word arrticle any moment showing just exactly where you went wrong.

    ps I know times are hard £15 don’t really seem a lot now does it…. ;)

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