If Argyll is classed as an island under …

Comment posted Argyll First A83 petition at parliament’s Public Petitions Committee by Treble T.

If Argyll is classed as an island under EU rules then it should qualify for the Special Islands Needs Allowance (SINA).

Treble T also commented

  • Prior to becoming an MSP Stewart Stevenson was employed by the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Recent comments by Treble T

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    Community Councils are a waste of time.
    I deal with any problems that affect me, myself!
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    The Scottish Government are currently spending £228 Million on a Borders railway to nowhere.
    At least the Labour/Lib-Dem coalition had a lot more sense and were going to spend the money on a Glasgow Airport rail link.
    However like the on going problems at the Rest and Be Thankful the SNP Government are not interested in Greater Glasgow and Argyll.
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    You obviously know nothing about banking in the UK in the 21st Century.
    The reason that the banks are closing branches is because most of their customers are using online or telephone banking.
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  • A83 Latest – closure [updating regularly]
    Michael Russell is more interested in attending a YES Argyll meeting in Lochgilphead earlier this month than looking after the current problems affecting his constituents in Argyll & Bute.
    In my opinion he is not much use as the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Life Long Learning receiving a salary of over £100K per annum.
    Michael Russell should return to being an author.
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    Whilst the Green brigade will be happy the shopkeepers are certainly not happy about the 5p bag tax as it is likely to increase shoplifting.
    Needless to say the MSP’s did not consider the likely possibility of an increase in shoplifting when they voted in favour of this daft tax.

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7 Responses to If Argyll is classed as an island under …

  1. The video archive of the Petitions Committee starts about 36 mins. in.

    Two points I caught from this :

    1 That funding was allocated 6 years ago for work on the ‘pinch points’ between Ardrishaig & Tarbert but has never been spent. (Jackson Carlaw) Why not?

    2 According to the committee convenor (Dave Stewart) Argyll is classed as an island under EU rules. Does this not have some effect on funding in many areas?

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    • Absolutely – on both points.
      And funding was also allocated 6 years ago for the accident black spot at The Erinnes on the untrunked section of he A83 between Kennacraig and Campbeltown. Six years ago was within the political authority of the current administration – Stewart Stevenson, one of the east coast in-crowd. was Transport Minister, Where did that money go?

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      • Just to clarify: the Erines ‘narrows’ are on the trunked section – between Ardrishaig & Tarbert, and became even more obviously inadequate after the landslide damaged stretches immediately to the north were rebuilt but the opportunity to ‘fix’ Erines was ducked.

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  2. Newsroom: I would hope that John Finney still has that money earmarked for the A83 and I would agree with Robert’s clarification of the location of the Erines narrows.

    In addition why (and when) was the Kennacraig/Campbeltown stretch ‘de-trunked’? We have a wind-tower production factory there and surely if even the Convenor of the Petitions Committee can see that the de-trunking was a mistake (my inference from what was said) then surely Transport Scotland should publish the criteria required for it’s re-instatement.

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