If Argyll is classed as an island under …

Comment posted Argyll First A83 petition at parliament’s Public Petitions Committee by Treble T.

If Argyll is classed as an island under EU rules then it should qualify for the Special Islands Needs Allowance (SINA).

Treble T also commented

  • Prior to becoming an MSP Stewart Stevenson was employed by the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Recent comments by Treble T

  • Indy, the banks and the Scottish economy
    The banks who have their registered head office in Scotland carry out 95% of their business outwith Scotland.
    Therefore these banks will move their registered head office out of Scotland. Staff who currently work in the RBS head office at Gogarburn will have to relocate to the new RBS head office outwith Scotland. Bank of Scotland staff working in the head office departments in Edinburgh and beyond will probably have to do likewise.
    The new TSB Bank has its registered at 31 George Street Edinburgh which is the old head office of TSB Scotland.
    These banks will still maintain a branch network in Scotland but that may not last long if most of their customers move their savings to a bank in the rest of the UK as there is no lender of last resort an independent Scotland.
    Should a Scottish bank or financial institution (assuming there are any left after 24th March 2016) get into financial difficulties and require a bailout the Scottish Government will have to supply the funds. If the Scottish Government do not have the required funds then the bank or financial institution will go bust and the customers will lose all their savings.
    I already have a savings account with an English bank in case I have to transfer my savings there to keep them safe thanks to the protection of the Bank of England.
  • BBC indy debate: incoherent uncontrolled unedifying bear pit
    Glen Campbell should stick to being an interviewer on BBC because he was useless as the so-called independent Chairman of the televised referendum debate last Monday.
    Glen Campbell is chairing a Question Time debate in Bowmore Hall Islay this Friday and no doubt like all the other referendum meetings on Islay it will be hijacked by the Yes Islay supporters.
    Anyone who attempts to speak up at a public referendum meeting on Islay in favour of maintaining the Union is howled down by the Yes Islay supporters who do not believe in free speech. It is their way or no way!
    When I watched the BBC Scotland news at 1.30pm today I saw that a heckler had been ejected from a Better Together meeting in the Marryat Hall Dundee. I immediately thought one of the Yes Islay supporters was on holiday in Dundee and then I recognised the heckler. His name is Mike Barlie who lost his job as a teacher after a court case, as he was heavy handed with some of his pupils and aggressive towards some of his fellow teachers.
  • BBC indy debate: incoherent uncontrolled unedifying bear pit
    John Swinney is like the rest of the SNP ministers, just a bully.
    If an independent Scotland is not prepared to take their fair share of the debt then they are not entitled to any of the UK assets in Scotland.
    Not only does that include all the Government buildings in Scotland plus air bases, naval ports and army bases it also importantly includes all the roads in Scotland which currently belong to the UK Government.
  • Indy campaign airhead statement of the week
    NCH and Willie are going to get a shock if the Scottish electorate vote for independence on 18th September 2014 because the days of “milk and honey” will be over. The Scottish Government will no longer receive more than their fair share of funding thanks to the Barnett Formula.
    Nor will the Scottish Government receive extra money through consequential funding.
    However residents of Argyll & Bute are going to soon realise that the MSPs in an independent Scottish Government are only interested in the area between Edinburgh and Glasgow where the main population of Scotland live and they could not careless what happens outside this narrow corridor.
    If you do not believe me then ask yourself. What has Michael Russell SNP MSP for Argyll & Bute done for his constituents.
    He has caused chaos regarding the SNP councillors on Argyll & Bute Council and as far as getting a new full time dentist on Islay to replace the dentist who retired in December 2013 he has done absolutely nothing.
  • Welcome for Scottish Government team to investigate potential of oil extraction in the Clyde
    Murdoch MacKenzie.
    I would have thought that was patently obvious even for you.
    A sportsman such as footballer can influence a match that he plays in.
    For instance a player arranges for various people throughout the UK to place bets that the is going to be sent off by the referee in one particular game.
    That is quite easy to carry out. The player commits a couple of bad tackles in the first half of a football game and gets a yellow card. During the second half commits another foul and then argues with the referee who gives him a second yellow card followed by a red card which means he is sent off and wins his bets.
    The player knows that he has arranged for bets to placed on him being sent off in this game and that is why footballer players are not allowed to bet on any football matches.
    However a voter can place a bet on the voting outcome because in Scotland he one of over four million voters and his vote cannot influence the outcome. It can only be included in the total count.

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7 Responses to If Argyll is classed as an island under …

  1. The video archive of the Petitions Committee starts about 36 mins. in.

    Two points I caught from this :

    1 That funding was allocated 6 years ago for work on the ‘pinch points’ between Ardrishaig & Tarbert but has never been spent. (Jackson Carlaw) Why not?

    2 According to the committee convenor (Dave Stewart) Argyll is classed as an island under EU rules. Does this not have some effect on funding in many areas?

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    • Absolutely – on both points.
      And funding was also allocated 6 years ago for the accident black spot at The Erinnes on the untrunked section of he A83 between Kennacraig and Campbeltown. Six years ago was within the political authority of the current administration – Stewart Stevenson, one of the east coast in-crowd. was Transport Minister, Where did that money go?

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      • Just to clarify: the Erines ‘narrows’ are on the trunked section – between Ardrishaig & Tarbert, and became even more obviously inadequate after the landslide damaged stretches immediately to the north were rebuilt but the opportunity to ‘fix’ Erines was ducked.

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  2. Newsroom: I would hope that John Finney still has that money earmarked for the A83 and I would agree with Robert’s clarification of the location of the Erines narrows.

    In addition why (and when) was the Kennacraig/Campbeltown stretch ‘de-trunked’? We have a wind-tower production factory there and surely if even the Convenor of the Petitions Committee can see that the de-trunking was a mistake (my inference from what was said) then surely Transport Scotland should publish the criteria required for it’s re-instatement.

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