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Had a flushing one in Guinea West Africa …

Comment posted on Wind energy may be controversial but the logistics and the skills are mesmeric by Karl Hughes

Had a flushing one in Guinea West Africa that regulaly spouted frogs and on one occasion a black mamba (seems it was chasing the frogs). A free-fall one in Peru into a pig pen…and a concrete one in the middle of the sahara over a 2000m dry oil well (maybe this is where the idea of carbon capture came from ?

Karl Hughes also commented

    Much as I enjoy our debates…Run away is what I am going to do until For Argyll post another “wind” relevant article,rather than add to the 40% of wasted energy…I intend to save the computer amp’s for a more constructive and less personal thread….
    from Don Quixote
    “In short, our gentleman became so caught up in reading that he spent his nights reading from dusk till dawn and his days reading from sunrise to sunset, and so with too little sleep and too much reading his brains dried up, causing him to lose his mind.” 🙂
    All the best to all…

    Oh there are some good ones out there.

    thanx Karl

  • Just contacted them cheers


  • “the most technically knowledgeable person in Scotland on the truth about wind farms and their worth”.
    I would be interested to know too.

    I think Malcolm and the Dr…should go and have a cuppa…time out gents.


  • Compulsion and a quick fix for the compulsion..I am equally quilty. Frustrating as folk are “viva the difference” I sincerely meant no disrespect…I for one willingly read and absorb many of your comments…without refering to supporting documentation…your in put is honest and well grounded…(a little long winded but thats because it is structured and who am I to throw stones in a glass house)
    Perhaps we should both back off a little when seeds of wisdom fall on fallow soil…
    I do wish we could talk about sailing a little more 🙂
    Bottom line for myself is; The Argyll Array is in the wrong place. Expansion of wind power stations is taking place for the wrong reasons and at an unsustainable pace…and we need to, as we all know, focus on saving not only the energy we generate, but our planet…keep the Argyll Array 35km away and I and many others (inc: our local fauna) will be happy enough.
    Back to the bedlam…off out for a couple of hours to down town Basra & all that involves 🙁
    PS: Who is the best to approach for an air-source heat pump in Argyll…I would be gratefull if SR or you have any ideas/info.

Recent comments by Karl Hughes

  • Sturgeon in cloud cuckoo land in call for return to ‘everyday concerns’
    So Keitho… as promised I visited Tobe, to check that rock out that you hide under, and get that pint off you and your cybernat buddies…seems quite a few folk know you as being all wind and no content…. SNP suits you… poped in your “frequented” boozer… lol… you really do live the dream don’t you.
  • Electoral Court to hear Carmichael case on 9th November
    To all of those who have bought into the SNP’s poor governance:


  • First meeting of Scotland’s Refugee Task Force
    Iraq ? more problems ? I don’t think its in any doubt that this part of the world will have more problems…
    I accept that there would be no assistance from the UK govnt… it takes a bit of soul searching to come to places like this … something I would not expect your ilk to understand….somebody needs to come here…and some of us were asked to come here by Iraq.
    You individuals are part of the problem NC/K… you can never be expected to be part of the solution… you simply do not have the necessary skills or life experience.
  • Cameron to make the worst possible decision on refugees
    Jazz, you and your policies are in fact condemning more innocent and desperate people to death.

    Merkels economic based decision is condemning more “migrants and “refugees” to abuse and death while seeking to travel to the EU.

    Taking “real” desperate cases into our countries can alleviate some of the hardship these people are going through ( Families/Old/Young) solving these issues at source is the only realistic humanitarian option that makes sense… multiplying the aid given to the UN camps, vetting at these camps for the most needy cases… these camps are safe Jazz, have you ever visited a refugees camp ??? I have, many.

    The countries dealing with the Middle Eastern strife and at breaking point are Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon these should be the benefactors of much needed foreign aid… and that is what we are providing and plan to provide more of, not only tents and clothes…but also teachers and doctors… the refugees in these camps are with people of the same ethnic and cultural background…and that helps these people with some semblance of normality until the issues raised by IS are resolved…

    To answer your initial question as to if I “sleep at night” yes I do… 3 or 4 years ago when the local Shia and Sunni where knocking shit out of each other I did not sleep so well… but Basrah is now a dammed sight more peaceful than then, safe even… the economy is growing and the infrastructure is coming back online… there are no starving or suffering people here now… yet daily young guys, the educated and professional folk are packing up and moving with the exodus north towards Europe… this has implications for us at home, but also massive implications for Iraq… its is causing a national brain drain … a drain on Iraqi national resources that is filled by foreign workers like myself.

    And now because a photo of one of the thousands of dead children has hit home at your previous head in the sand mentality, the left… narcissistic, “I” really care factions are stuffing these people …you feel en mass that you have to be seen to “care”… if you cared you would not be asking these people to risk all in some sort of EU green card lotto death walk…. Wake up and open you dammed eyes.

  • Cameron to make the worst possible decision on refugees
    So what do you suggest Mr Jazz ?
    Do we take the refugees or do we take the economic migrants ? or both ? hows about some thought out comments from you ….

    Merkel has put all of the exodus parties in the same pot, lessening the available support for the refugees from war and giving more to the migrants from poverty…. at some point we have to make choices as to who we can help,….oh and if you have not noticed Germany and Austria have now too shut their borders…

    There is nothing nationalist or racist about what I have posted… realist yes.

    Far from saving peoples lives…Merkel has sentenced more people to death in the Med and crossing the Sahara.

    Maybe you would like to contribute to the solution to all of this hardship Jazz…maybe you have some thoughts of your own……then again, maybe you do not.

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