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Gordellan – The land, I believe, is owned …

Comment posted Wind energy may be controversial but the logistics and the skills are mesmeric by Norma Sutherland.

Gordellan – The land, I believe, is owned by Ormsary and Stronachullin and is, therefore, not yours. I have seen their land change significantly over the years and I would assume that this has been necessary in order for the estates to diversify and survive. Next you’ll be slagging off the timber boat that comes into Ardrishaig for industrialising your view of the pier.
As far as I know there are no fossil fuel or nuclear power stations in Argyll. Why should the rest of the UK bear the burden of producing our electricity? Why shouldn’t we contribute? And I far prefer to contribute with renewable energy rather than the alternatives…
I would assume the owners of the windfarm will be paying for the removal of the turbines when/if they are decommissioned as is the industry norm. In the meantime the owners of one twelth of the project (the people of Ardrishaig) can get themselves along to trust meetings to voice their opinion on how best to spend their income.
And I think the photographs are beautiful.

Norma Sutherland also commented

  • Maybe you would be a more rounded and pleasant man, Malcolm, if you spent a little introspective time with yourself. Doc seems to understand himself and his motives and therefore has an empathy and compassion for others. That was a nasty little attack there Malcolm. You should be ashamed of yourself. I would say more, but… from what I have seen, Doc will not be hurt or offended. I assume (sorry Doc if I’m speaking out of turn) that he will pity you. Much as I do.
    At your request, I addressed some of the issues I felt were incorrect or being misrepresented in Rosenbloom’s ‘paper’. You have not apologised as you said you would. In fact you have not even acknowledged my response…
  • Malcolm. It’s all been covered, in some cases many times over. If you would only read the information that I and others have posted for you then you may find you have a change of heart. Stop spouting the spiteful rhetoric you find on anti-wind farm websites and look at the facts and figures for yourself. With the amount of time and effort that various people on here have spent finding hard facts to increase your knowledge on so many matters, only to have you ignore it and continue with your mindless ranting, the following springs to mind – “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
  • Malcolm, your link is to an anti-wind farm website (again!) which describes itself as a forum. So I’m not quite sure what your point is… The links I referenced are – the UK Government Department of Energy and Climate Change (specifically the sub national local authority electricity consumption figures), Argyll and Bute Council, Scottish Power’s information sheet on Cruachan Power Station, the BWEA energy calculations (also known as Renewable UK, if you would like to discount this one as ‘Pro wind’ then you can find the same workings on the Scottish Government’s website), the UK Energy Research Centre’s peer reviewed paper on energy intermittency, the WWF, the RSPB and a lonely little article by The Guardian.
    I don’t know how many permanent local jobs have been created by Allt Dearg but if you follow the Ardrishaig Community Trust page ( you will see that it is not scheduled to be up and running until December. As they are Vestas’ machines I would assume that Allt Dearg will help maintain and possibly increase the number of the company’s service personnel in Argyll.
    If you read the information that I, and others, posted for you then you may not have so many questions. The energy intermittency paper will tell you all about the way in which the grid balances the system to ensure that there is always ample electricity.
    Oh, and – ‘Extreme lows or highs in wind speed are a natural feature of the UK wind climate; however a diversified wind power system would be less affected as it is rare that these extreme events affect large areas of the country at the same time. This report found that: Low wind speeds affecting 90% or more of the UK would occur in around one hour every five years during winter; The chance of wind turbines shutting down due to high wind speed conditions is very rare – high winds affecting 40% or more of the UK would occur in around one hour every ten years.’ Taken from , a paper on wind power and the UK wind resource by the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.
  • Nope, no industry connection – just broadband. Google is my friend. Consumption by local authority area –
    Renewable energy capacity of Argyll and Bute –
    Cruachan information –
  • The point, if you read the article Karl, is about the Koch brothers being involved in funding nation wide unscrupulous anti-wind farm movements in America. On the back on my discussion with Malcolm over the reliability of one of his American sources, it seemed like an appropriate article to point him to. My mistake Karl, I ought to have referenced back to all the previous posts so that you could catch up with the gist of the conversation.

Recent comments by Norma Sutherland

  • No Tiree Array on basking sharks, night time visuals and divergent wind subsidy regimes between Scotland and Westminster
    Oops, sorry to reiterate SR, you’d posted by time I had my piece written!!
  • No Tiree Array on basking sharks, night time visuals and divergent wind subsidy regimes between Scotland and Westminster
    I would have been very shocked Malcolm, but unfortunately the article is written by a notorious sceptic (Anthony Watts) who is funded by the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute is an American ‘think tank’ group who argue that global warming is not occurring but if it is then it may well be beneficial… Heartland also spent a lot of time in the 90’s working with a tobacco giant to show that the effects of second hand tobacco smoke did not pose a health risk. Oh, and the Heartland Institute has also received funding from the Koch brothers.
  • No Tiree Array on basking sharks, night time visuals and divergent wind subsidy regimes between Scotland and Westminster
    It’s nothing personal Karl. Just high lighting the fact that Malcolm speaks the truth out of context time and time again and refuses to see or accept the informed answers to his questions. For the absence of doubt, I do not support the Tiree Array being built. I think it’s the wrong development in the wrong place and is one of the proposed projects that gives wind generation a bad name. But I do think it’s important to separate out those who object to this particular development from those who object to every development.
    I am new to posting my views on a public forum being one who would normally reserve my opinion for friends and family over a meal. I do enjoy keeping abreast of current affairs and hearing what the public opinion is. Confrontation is not something I enjoy… I felt compelled to weigh in after reading one of Malcolm’s posts which struck me as inaccurate and biased. I could stop posting at any time and certainly I have better ways to spend my time. But this forum is not regulated. The ForArgyll team do not check the accuracy of the posts (rightly so) and I doubt the average reader checks whether the information provided is true or not. Therefore if nobody were to contradict Malcolm, his posts could well be taken as gospel. And I do not believe that is right. Maybe I get a little petty at times, but never in my life have I dealt with someone who asks for an explanation and then refuses to accept or address any of the answers raised or simple deletes or edits his original post or statement.
  • No Tiree Array on basking sharks, night time visuals and divergent wind subsidy regimes between Scotland and Westminster
    Malcolm. Please read the following. “The DEADLY facts about water; FACT!- Water can be synthesized by burning rocket fuel!, FACT! – Over consumption can cause excessive sweating, urination and even death! – FACT! – 100% of all serial killers, drug dealers and rapists have admitted to drinking water! – FACT! – Water is one of the primary ingredients in herbicides and pesticides! – FACT! – Water is the leading cause of drowning! – FACT! – 100% of all people who ingest water will die!” And to think the government promotes the drinking of water and continues to tout the health benefits… Truly shocking. As an exercise in misrepresented information perhaps you could show how any of the above statements are wrong and then have a think about how this may apply to you and your posts.
  • Another part of the cost of the A83 closure
    Malcolm, I’m not sure if you’re flirting with me, but no… your boasting does not make me feel good. Nor does your fairly white beard.
    The yachting analogy was just that Malcolm, an analogy. I do apologise if it was a tad subtle for you. If the world is a yacht and it’s fuel tank runs dry, where is it going to fill up from?
    For you to suggest that I am in any way living in a ‘dreamworld’ and being ‘always supported by others who work their socks off’ is bizarre. A sweeping comment based on no evidence whatsoever. Much like the majority of your arguments.
    I am sure that if you were not such a bigot then we could be jolly good friends; I also work long hours, I enjoy walking my three dogs, I tinker with my classic car and motorbike, I tend my chickens, garden and greenhouse (bumper cucumbers this year!) and I watch, as a proud Argyllshire woman, the efforts being made to improve our community through alternative methods and energies.

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