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Crazy, if my pointing out as I did …

Comment posted Senior officers failed to process Cowal Games grant extension by Simon.

Crazy, if my pointing out as I did that the ‘update’ effectively rubbishes all the trash that Nesie wrote in the original article can be equated to stirring – then I’m delighted to say I’m guilty as charged. 🙂

Havr a nice day. Have plenty champers – if not in celebration then at least to drown sorrows. Go easy on cartwheels after champers 😉

Simon also commented

  • As I said in another post Newsie – when you are wrong you never apologise you just re-write, or invent ‘new facts’, or introduce more red-herrings, or squirm out some new excuse just to try to justify your biased, squalid little piece.

    Thanks for illustrating my claim so perfectly. 🙂

    Have a nice day.

  • Nobody else commenting on Newsie’s climbdown ?? 🙂


  • Doncha just luv the update?????

    Seriously, does this ‘update’ not effectively undermines all the invented trash spouted in the original article?
    After all the facts now appear to be after the decsion was taken by the Cowal Gathering asked for soem revisions, these revisions went back and forth until eventually agreed by all and the document signed. The Cowal Gathering are happy with the process and the process, in Newsie’s words, “has not prejudiced the position of the Games”.

    This is either a mistake (and therefore an apology should be issued), or yet another of Newsie’s ‘boorish-and-petty-we-so-wish-this-story-about-one-of-our-seniot-hate-figures-were-true-because-we-and-some-of-the-more-easily-led-on-here-so-desperately-want-it-to-be-true-pieces’.
    And “It has emerged” is so obviously the new “We hear”.

    Journalist? Pffft.

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