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I skippered the island princess between lymington and …

Comment posted Revised service schedule for Kilcreggan Ferry by alvin robinson.

i skippered the island princess between lymington and the isle of wight for many years as a regular ferry service across a stretch of water that is a higher catagory than she is on now and im sure far more challenging, we ran from a pier and were always on time, she was a good reliable boat that always kept to time! we also just used to use two ropes as its all that is required, and its all that most operaters use, this has always been fine but can you imagine how catastophic it would be if one snapped whilst unloading, it would not be worth thinking about! i think its great that the mca are requesting operaters to use four ropes.
if a rope did snap whilst one of your friends, collegues, or yourself was boarding you would all have alot to say about how “unsafe” the island princess is. poor clydelink can never win seems a tad unfair

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