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It raises all sorts of questions – such …

Comment posted Research reveals shock insights into reality of Dunoon ferry service provision by Robert Wakeham.

It raises all sorts of questions – such as have the streakers been sold yet? – but maybe, given this sudden command, people are waiting for more detail. I can see that it’s an attempt to allay the safety concerns, and maybe the private monopoly issue, but from my point of view it perpetuates the poor treatment of foot passengers at Gourock unless there’s a radical relocation of the station platform. That, and the provision of decent boats, would cost real money. I won’t mention passenger boarding arrangements because it makes Ferryman ‘tired & emotional’.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • ‘Trigger’ – I’ve no idea what deal there is between WF & McGill’s, but I dislike the lack of transparency on commercial vehicle pricing. You could try asking them. With regard to your point about concessionary fares, I get the impression that the government makes up the difference so I don’t think any of these are ‘loss leaders’ to McGill’s in the same way that any special offers would be. I do wonder if there’s a marine safety issue if bus passengers – maybe elderly or disabled – remain in the bus for the ferry journey, but this happens on other short ferry routes as well.
  • I’d heard about the station being improved at considerable expense, and this was one reason I wondered at the apparent uselessness of SPTE in coordinating passenger transport in the region – until someone explained that while they were responsible for the Gourock – Kilcreggan passenger ferry the trains had been ‘confiscated’ by Holyrood, and they had no say in the Dunoon ferry. So it looks as if Gourock is a lesson in transport mismanagement on the grand scale. If this is the best that a government aspiring to independence can do, it had better watch its back.
  • Neil: The comments on your website on the difference between an accountant and an economist analysing the cost / benefit implications of a transport system make me wonder if the Rest & Be Thankful landslide disruptions have been thoroughly assessed in terms of the real costs to the road users? Any comments would I’m sure be widely appreciated.
  • DunoonLad: Don’t tell anyone (especially ferryman, for the good of his health) but I worked out a plan to extend the Glasgow – Gourock line via Dunoon, Rothesay and Tignabruaich to Lochgilphead. Not cheap, admittedly, but a good job-creation scheme in hard times, and it would work wonders for connectivity, reducing journey times and providing a secure alternative mode of travel in the event of storms, floods and landslides. Perhaps surprisingly, the most expensive stretch to construct would likely be the stretch up the coast from Millhouse to Otter Ferry, through difficult terrain, rather than the undersea tunnels between Gourock and Tighnabruaich.
    My inspiration was Iain Banks’ detailed evocation of a more connected Argyll in ‘The Crow Road’. I bet this’ll get the thumbs down from you-know-who.
  • And you accuse me of ‘rambling’?

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

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    Where do you get the hearsay criticism of ‘immigrants’ from, if it’s not your personal experience?
    I don’t know about beach litter, but my impressions of highway litter is that it increases the nearer you get to Glasgow – but whether that’s down to the natives, or immigrants, I really don’t know (although I suspect it’s more likely to be the natives).
    One of the problems in Argyll & Bute is the way in which sea lochs trap litter from far and wide – the head of Loch Long at Arrochar is a prime example, and the amount of trash you can sometimes see on the shores of the Clyde from the train between Helensburgh and Dumbarton is astonishing – but whether it all comes from people living around the Clyde is another matter.
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    ‘General purpose ferries’ seem to be rather a radical concept for some people.
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    I can’t help thinking that the weather could be a significant factor – for anyone accustomed to a sunny climate this part of the world must seem very dreich indeed for a lot of the time – just remember how welcome the first two weeks in June were, with consistently dry and bright days.
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    An interesting reply, worthy of a follower of that aspiring Hitler in Turkey. Could democracy in Scotland be going the same way?
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    Still so empty-headed / immature that you have to resort to butchering real people’s names, NCH?

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