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Ferryman all newsroom has done is simple maths …

Comment posted Research reveals shock insights into reality of Dunoon ferry service provision by Peter Wade.

Ferryman all newsroom has done is simple maths and made some conclusions. No need to make this personal just because you don’t agree.

Taking your figures you need to divide this by 2 as its a fair assumption that half go to gourock.

I wonder how many foot passengers western takes.

Peter Wade also commented

  • Funnily enough, when Cowal ferries were providing a vehicle service, they were more expensive than Western
  • That’s the best bit of news I have heard in years. Thanks Dave, you will not be missed.
  • They have been searching for years. More hype and no substance.

    Even if they find a boat they still have to sort out the legals and the money.

  • That would seem fair on the basis that most people in Dunoon have been ignoring your misinformation for years.
  • Ferry man on average I would say that your posts are empty.

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