Ferries are not the answer, we need a …

Comment posted on McGrigor puts down parliamentary questions on A83 by Charlotte Nicol

Ferries are not the answer, we need a transport route to support all vechiles to keep the infrastructure in place

Charlotte Nicol also commented

  • Still more talking and no action

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13 Responses to Ferries are not the answer, we need a …

    • I disagree, the question raise no pressure. This problem has been known about for a long time. To raise pressure you have to ask what studies were done into the effects of closure on traffic flows, what alternatives (e.g ferries to Campbeltown) were considered and so on.
      The answer will be nothing, in fact they cut back by removing a Firth of Clyde vehicle crossing. The remaining crossing is choc-a-bloc and once people get on they will be surprised at having to pay between £12-£16 single for a car of 4 to a private company on a short crossing. What were the tolls on the Skye bridge?
      Transport Scotland were not doing their job and the Government were not ensuring they were doing their job.
      Those sorts of questions will raise pressure.

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      • If Douglas Adams was still alive, God rest his soul, I’d tell him that there was a fifth answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.
        The fifth answer is another vehicle service on the Dunoon ferry route – simple, really.

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    • You need return of a second vehicle ferry service or control of profits on the Cowal Ferries, and a ferry service to Campbeltown would also be a good idea.

      Waterways are natural motorways. We should stop looking at them as obstacles and invest sensibly in them with proper seaworthy ships.

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  1. Ferryman… Cost of a single journey on WF for Car of 4 passengers would be £7.30 car plus driver and 3 adult singles at £2.01 each. Total £13.33p………………. that is as long as you had bought a book of ten car/driver tickets(£73) and a book of ten passenger tickets (£20.10p)
    To pay on WF without £93.10p for 2 books of ten………. it would be nearly double the £13.33p!

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  2. Damn you are right I missed the £11.40 for the car!
    So if you just turn up, as people trying to bypass the A83 are now doing, they get stung for roughly £21-£27 (depending on child adult ratio) one way have I got it right now?

    What were the charges on the Skye Bridge?

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    • I found the Skye bridge charges at the worst they seemed to be £5.70 (no charge for passengers) . Even allowing for inflation and the passage of time to pay £27 to get across the Firth of Clyde seems a tad steep, don’t you agree?

      So if it was unacceptable to pay to cross a bridge open 24×7 why is it acceptable for us to have to pay a private company to cross the Firth of Clyde?

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  3. Very disappointing to see the Traffic Scotland website is now 24 hours out of date. Despite the fact that yesterday evening it was deemed safe enough to start clearing the debris off the road, the website still just trots out the stuff about the road remaining closed until cleared and the safety of motorists is paramount. You’d think that progress with the clear-up could be reported, and an estimate of the likely time to reopening could be provided.
    It reminds me of that famous misquotation – ‘Let them eat cake’ – said by an aristocrat of starving peasants.

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