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All but the most blinkered will know that …

Comment posted Economic development strategy for the west Highlands by Islay for ever.

All but the most blinkered will know that the road improvements you are claiming credit for on behalf of the administration in Edinburgh were conceived and largely executed before Salmond and co got their hands near the levers of power .
As for the second Forth bridge crossing , we know most of the contracts eg for steel have gone outwith the country .
This article is about the West Highlands and your intervention has only served to highlight the deplorable record of the SNP in our area . Clearly we will be better off staying in the UK along with Orkney and Shetland .

Islay for ever also commented

  • Save your pity for west coast road users , badly let down by Holyrood with no significant road improvements of scale since the 1980s
  • The problem IS lack of political will .Your attempt to blame previous generations will not wash .
    Don’t you remember the tremendous improvements carried out on the Loch Lomond stretch of road in the mid to late 80s for example ?
    Sadly ,now we have politicians empire building at Holyrood with road improvements a low priority , although I note there appears to be unlimited funding for turning perfectly good road signs into scrap to replace them with ones where gaelic is the lead language .
    Also there are millions of pounds of taxpayers money being spent on community buyouts .
    Clearly these are political choices made in Edinburgh .
  • Where are Argyll & Bute’s invisible men ? Cabinet Secretary Michael Russell MSP and Argyll resident Mike MacKenzie MSP
    It is past time this constituency had a local champion instesd of party stoogies as our representatives .

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