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Michael ” I have a theory as to …

Comment posted Document given to councillors on Jo Smith investigation by Simon.

Michael ” I have a theory as to why no spy accounts were found. There weren’t any in the first place”.

You’ll know by now that here are a fair number of conspiracy cranks on here.

They want to believe the wildest rumours they make up their minds and then call for heads to roll even one shred of evidence appears.

You described this episode as a storm in a tea-cup, the Dunoon Observer wnet further wondered if it was a ‘conspiracy’ ahead of the elections

For Argyll played a significant part in publshing rumours and allegations and remember also before any evidence was produced our very own Newsie called for the sacking of Jo Smith.

Simon also commented

  • Integrity – the Dunoon Observer, amongst others, had a quote from NUJ Scottish organiser Paul Holleran who stated that Jo Smith intends to appeal.

    Given that there were no spy accounts found the whole affair seems to rest on biased Herald and For Argyll reporting and accounts of what happened.

    It appears that on the face of it the punishment is extreemely harsh. However, there may other factors we are not aware of and that’s why I would welcome Jo Smith taking this all the way.

    No one could denyt that Jo Smith has had a hard time on here. But let’s remember, Newsie’s accuracy in reporting and her credibilty has been found wanting on more than a few occasions and given her poor track record – until I see evidence – I refuse to accept the rubbish she writes and the claims she makes just to fit her own biased agenda.

    Just ’cause she says it’s so – don’t make it so. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Michael – agreed. Newsie’s nasty streak was laid bare for all to see in her vindictive abuse of Jo Smith. Strikes me also as having a personal element. Perhaps it’s because Jo Smith is a qualified journalist whilst Newsie is a blogger with both pretentsions of grandeur as well as a chip on her shoulder over her lack of qualifications. Which, as Neil Kay pointed, she tries to compensate for by using LOTS OF BIG WORDS and the most twisted convoluted prose.

    Either way – she’s certainly had in for Jo Smith from the start. She might even be part of the conspiracy that the Dunoon Observer* alluded to.

    *Yes – still going strong I understand Newsie – despite another of your ‘exclusives’ that it would be shut by Xmas 2010.

  • The only good thing is that Jo Smith will appeal and if she loses that then go to a Tribunal. Hopefully then the evidence will come out and we can make up our minds based on the evidence presented rather than the slavering, hang-her-high, knee-jerk-Spygate reactionts we have seen on here in response to these allegations.

    Allegations remember that suspiciously were made months after the Conference took place and by individuals who were not present at the Conference.

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