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Morning ! You will be sad to …

Comment posted on Another part of the cost of the A83 closure by Malcolm Kirk

Morning ! You will be sad to learn that I am off later on a round Ireland trip in a 36 foot diesel guzzling 42 knot Red Bay fast RIB. OOOh Nooo I here you cry – yep – afraid so.
Doc – I am worried about SR – he has been much quieter and less abusive than I am used to – do you think he is OK or are my well reasoned arguments finally getting through to him ?
You, yourself, were asked and asked to give the contrary proposition to my mini thesis posted above as No 2 – that you have patently avoided doing so will be obvious to everyone following this Forum. You also failed to condemn Wind Farm operators who demand £800 from the National Grid for £55 of supposed losses – nothing to do with balancing – just sheer unadulterated greed.
You will no doubt come up with some supposedly clever retort but I really think we can all see through you by now.
Robert – I’ll let you get back to abusing the ‘Ferryman’ and saving up your pennies for your tunnel under the Clyde.
Remember – keep a good sense of humour about you at all times !

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Robert – Here’s one I made earlier
    Doc and anyone still following this – Please read the Express Article – says it all really
    The Guardian deliberately misconstrued the evidence in that piece – patience – all will be revealed when I come back.
    How much renewable energy would I accept at the present rip off costs – NIL.
    I love the way you and SR keep implying I am being obsessive – no – just trying to work with honest decent people to establish fair play for the consumers in this country.
  • There is no subsidy given to fossil fuelled Power Stations.
    Which bits have SR and you been avoiding – where do we start :-
    Allt Dearg / Ardrishaig / gravy train / excessive subsidy income / exorbitant electricity costs / up to 9 times in some cases / massive massive guaranteed profits / ridiculous 20 year contracts / ever increasing household bills / community bribes / virtually nothing manufactured in this country / our money paid straight out to people abroad / actual jobs -mainly Spanish hot air / questionable man made global warming / NETA graphs proving the uselessness of wind power / July figures pathetic / present daily subsidy £27.4 million whether they generate or not / who else gets paid millions for not working / billion pound subsidies to be quadrupled/there is probably more !
    You have 45 lines in which to match my suggested topics with answers. And please don’t say you are too busy – you appear on all these Forums all too often for anyone to believe that.
    I am not a subscriber to the Daily Express but I have just been sent todays headline ” Energy bills to rocket by £300 pounds.
    Now I must go – all Ireland awaits !!!!

  • Almost forgot:-
  • Welcome back – you are nearer the truth than you think – Yes I have owned sailing boats since my teens – yes I was a Royal Yachting Offshore Instructor for twenty years – yes we had our own Sail Making business – yes my sons were two of Scotland’s top sailors – yes I am getting on a bit and yes my beard is fairly white. Does that make you feel good ? ( PS – I have also heard all the StarTreck jokes )
    However back to reality – if you were incompetent enough to allow your diesel tank to run dry so you were left floating around offshore with no means of propulsion then you would soon find other things were beginning to run out as well for example water / food / your crew’s sanity. You can live in your dreamworld lassie of always being supported by others who work their socks off, if you want – but in the yachting analogy I would make sure that until you thought things through properly and took proper responsibility for your actions, you would never go to sea with a crew gain.
    My Occupation – work 6 till 6 – walk two splendid dogs – build and fly radio controlled model aircraft – presently fitting out an old Cadet sailing dinghy for one of the kids at the local sailing club – make anti wind turbine videos and post to youtube – work on two thirds of an acre of garden with greenhouse etc – do as my wife asks (joke) etc etc. Check out achnandarrach youtube or:-
  • Fatuous has just been redefined by the doc to mean ” How to get out of answering serious questions which to far I have avoided”

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    There are 25 million homes and therefore 25 million license holders in the UK. That can fairly be translated as 25 million ‘shareholders’ in a public company. As the subscribers they deserve to be informed with fair and balanced news which is not happening – see todays headline ! Incidentally did you see the report of a few days ago that BBC reporters are paid about 40% more than the reporters working for other news media i.e. Sky, ITV, Channel 4 etc. Now that would have made a interesting headline for consideration by the ‘shareholders’.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Seemingly can’t annoy anybody enough to contradict / argue / comment – so that’s me gone !
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Morning all ! As nothing else of interest is happening I’ll just mention something from yesterday which convinces me that the BBC is a real and threatening Political Party. One person out of the 60 million odd in this country voiced a personal opinion – not backed up by anything or anyone else – he said he thought Boris Johnston had not really wanted Brexit. I repeat – one person in over 60 million without any corroboration on any sort and yet the Biased Broadcasting Corporation made it their online national news headline for much of the day. It’s not that they attacked Boris necessarily, it’s their total arrogance that they think they could do this to anyone they don’t like, thereby politically influencing the opinions of the viewing and listening public.That’s not in their Charter !
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    According to the highly reputable Dundee Courier ” Salmond’s losing it ”
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Most of the media this morning comment on the success of the UK economy post Brexit – even the Guardian ! What ‘eejit’ of a political leader would want to separate her group from such a successful organisation – only one trying desperately to keep her inferiority complexed ‘soldiers’ onside. For the sake of Scotland she knows there will be no further independence referendum but has to keep up the drip feed of pretence to stop her followers leaving to join the new hard left socialist Labour Party..

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