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R.W. reckoned I owed him an apology for …

Comment posted A83 closed due to another landslide – now reopened by sokay.

R.W. reckoned I owed him an apology for my reaction to his irrelevant question, Andy thought it was rude? Out of common courtesy I posted the above and in a polite and gentlemanly fashion tried to clarify the purpose and content of my post. I will not modify or delete the post but do feel that it deserved the courtesy of some form of acknowledgement not necessarily acceptance of same, it’s not as if he hasn’t been on the site since my posting??? Perhaps he’s been studying his many contributions to F.A. site and having a long think to himself, make up your own minds. One further question is there a singular description for one who is an expert in ferries, pontoons, Norwegian seaboard and tunnels, American president’s indiscretions in the procreation field, Local Govt. economics windfarms, A83.A82 etc.,Higgs boson, Bose Einstein condensate et all??:):)

sokay also commented

  • “Rude” was the word you used which I’ve no problem with, but would disagree that my point was confusing as you will see from subsequent posts! He used my post to further his own grievance. Where is R.W. has the cat got his mouse? No courtesy left?but loads of apology demands! Does he feel his position as incumbent troll under threat, I’ve seen better trolling but he tries, and his position as such is safe for the time being 🙂
  • I apologise to Robert for any hurt caused by my response. I did think that it was quite cear that more traffic ‘tween Dalmally and Tarbet bothways on my outward journey added 46 mins to length of time, more traffic accessing and leaving Inverary jnctn. Longer columns of traffic travelling at the speed of the slowest, columns taking much longer to pass cyclists etc.More time to join southbound traffic at Tyndrum and turn right at Crianlarich, yes the condition of the road did not help but was not the cause unless you take into account with increased traffic volumes the lights at Pulpit rock did create longer lines of mixed traffic both ways. Perhaps I was upset that Robert and Andy were more concerned about the well known condition of stretch identified than my Laser array suggestion I’m replying to Robert via Andy’s post as only way I can find. Will this apology make tha banner headlines? sleep easy Robert water under the bridge Sokay
  • An “Oaf” is an awkward lout or a stupid person and that’s what your calling me pal but we’ll not go there . My post was one of thanks to the “doers” in clearing the road and my simple journey details were to highlight the difference in traffic volumes when Rest closed. journey took 46 mins longer because of the increased number types of vehicles and their respective capabilities NOTHING at all to do with the “really bad stretches” anywhere, if you had any knowledge of the area and routes you would know that the parts of the journey affected by the closure /opening of the Rest would be between Dalmally and Tarbet on the outward journey and Tarbet and Dalmally on the return journey!It was not a reasonable question, it was totally irrelevant to my post just another example of your penchant for highjacking any post for your own self perpetuation; one question from an “oaf” Would you address me to my face as you have done on here? I thought I’d come across my allocation of morons untill I came on here last April to clarify some wrong assumptions and today to make my observations on the Rest(I was wrong) One other oafish question, were you ever refused entry into the Spanish army? if there’s anything you can’t grasp from this post I’m sure Ferryman or Simon would be only to happy to help 🙂 🙂 Oafish enough??
  • NO, read it again, same route less traffic. Perhaps like, in some of your other posts you have never used the route(or facility)but you feel free to comment. I can assure you that the A82 between Tarbet and Ardlui takes traffic in both directions and neither carriageway is better or worse than the other. It would seem that you have a gripe with the maintainers/providers of this section of highway and I would cordially suggest you take it up with them, or post on a thread relevant to your observations Ta!
  • Many thanks and congratulations to all those “doers” who managed to get the Rest open and safe as quick as possible. I travelled to my daughter’s in Ayrshire A.M. Friday which took me 3 hours and 6 minutes via Tyndrum (Rest still closed.) Returned P.M via same route but Rest now opened, took 2 hours 20 mins. Exactly same distance but just goes to show the increase in traffic volumes when Rest closed.Some of the comments on here would suggest a slight ignorance in tha understanding of mass and gravity, it was not a case of bulldozing the rubble away, a lot of engineering ifs, what ifs and buts have to be considered before work could commence on clearing site . Once again thanks to the “doers” P.S based on some of the comments on here (and elswhere) I’m surprised no one has suggested an array of powerfull lasers on the opposite hill which when triggered by radio transmmitting motion detectors would vapourise the materials avoiding further landslides, maybe the odd vaporised grouse or rabbit which moved like a potential landslide but little cost relative to the benefits to Argyyll’s economy??? Could also be programmed to remove caravans and caravanettes with more than three vehicles behind them but that’s another matter! Nurse! Nurse! 🙂 🙂

Recent comments by sokay

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    I am much more optimistic than Rhoda Grant and have a better insight into the immense technical difficulty we have seen in laying cables—not least submarine cables—to many of our islands. Will the cabinet secretary explain some of the benefits of delivering high-speed broadband across the Highlands and Islands and say whether that will boost the economy?”
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