£710,000 in Rural priorities funding for 8 Argyll projects

From a total of £20 million in  Rural Priorities funding  across Scotland, more than £700,000 has been allocated to Argyll.

Importantly. new entrants to farming in Scotland will benefit from a £5 million boost as part of the latest round of  funding frm this scheme.

Its support will protect and create around 1,200 jobs across Scotland and brings the total amount distributed to date,  since its launch in 2008. to almost £550 million.

Around £710,000 will be invested in eight projects in Argyll, backing a range of schemes to support business development and rural enterprise across the region.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead, making the announcements, said: ‘This latest round of more than £20 million of Rural Priorities funding will provide much needed support to rural and community enterprises and businesses across rural Scotland.

‘This investment will safeguard and create around 1,200 jobs across Scotland, vital to sustaining our rural economy.

‘The funding will support a wide variety of projects in Argyll from developing a seafood smokehouse in Tarbert to establishing a new woodfuel supply business to add value to local timber.

‘I am also delighted that almost £5 million of this funding is targeted at supporting new entrants to farming, a key priority which the Government has outlined to enhance the future of Scottish agriculture.

‘A further £11 million of the total will support climate change targets, a key national outcome, which will also help improve the viability of existing farming businesses.

‘Over the past five years, Rural Priorities has delivered around £548 million worth of Scottish Government and EU funding into thousands of projects, resulting in a diverse range of benefits to rural Scotland, while stimulating business activity and supporting the economy.

‘This vital funding under the Scotland Rural Development Programme will continue to deliver wider economic and environmental benefits to local communities for many years to come.’

Amongst the Argyll  projects approved in this round are:

Corachie Clematis Garden Centre in Bridge of Awe, Argyll – which has been awarded £51,408 to help establish a wood fuel micro-business for local domestic supply. The project will involve building a new timber processing and storage shed and poly tunnel and purchasing machinery to process and package logs. This will diversify the existing horticulture retail business by taking advantage of a market opportunity in the local wood fuel processing and supply chain, while adding value to a primary forest product.

Skipness Estates  which has been awarded £127,159 to develop a smokehouse facility for their seafood business in Tarbert. The family run business has established a demand for local smoked fish products. The project will involve using redundant buildings to create the smokehouse and provide upgraded equipment.

This is the twelfth round of funding under Rural Priorities and focuses mainly on Axis 1 (business development) and Axis 3 (rural communities and rural enterprise) projects. Further case studies from this round are available on the Scottish Government website here.

Rural Priorities is a competitive funding mechanism under the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP). It delivers targeted environmental, social and economic benefits to 11 designated regions of Scotland.

The priorities for each region are agreed with local stakeholders and contracts are awarded for the proposals which are best able to deliver those priorities. More information on Rural Priorities is available here.

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11 Responses to £710,000 in Rural priorities funding for 8 Argyll projects

    • Much of the vast sum of SRDP funding which has gone to Kintyre has been awarded to dairy farms , some have had multiple applications approved amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds . All this taxpayers’ money poured into an industry whose prospects are bleak at best .

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        • The milk produced in Kintyre goes into cheese which is being undercut by other EU countries by up to £400 per tonne . In brief , production costs are higher in Kintyre due to geographical factors and prices received are lower due to lack of competition and high costs eg bought in feed
          As in any free market situation , production moves to where costs are lower and prices higher , exactly what is happening. All Government is doing by pouring huge amounts of money in , is slowing the demise of the industry in Kintyre , when they should be laying the foundations for future prosperity by promoting alternative enterprises and diversification .

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          • Locally produced food is good for Argyll and good for the environment.

            What ‘alternative enterprises’ do you believe Kintyre’s dairy farmers should be engaged in?

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          • Re: Common agricultural policy that pays farmers not to produce ? or to produce goods that nobody wants so, that they are exported 1000 of miles overseas, sold at a loss and produces a massive transportation co2 footprint.

            (sounds like another item I am involved in !)

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          • Pushing the limits to call cheese produced at Campbeltown ‘local’ when a large percentage of the milk is transported all the way from Bute by road tanker and the cheese is packaged in Wales

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          • IFE: Ah but if you have tried Kintyre mature cheddar you will know that it is all worth while!

            Bute seems to me reasonably local to Campbeltown as a milk source – maybe they could transport it in by sea on empty turbine tower ships now that the harbour has been upgraded…

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    • Which includes the laughable uptake on green initatives to save energy in homes…? and supporting the importation of thousands of tonnes of foreign HARD cheese :)

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      • Well you could always use some of the money to fix milk churns on the end of the blades of the Wind turbines and get giant centrifuges- surely this would be a major step forward in farming

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