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I hope the liquidator is able to rescue …

Comment posted Silvers Marine facing liquidation by Ferry good.

I hope the liquidator is able to rescue the situation and keep all Silvers staff. I’m sure there are a few local businessmen willing and able to step in and run the place competently.

How can anyone dislike this?

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    With all this hoohaa surely the Government should be stepping in and chartering Clyde Marine to run a safe reliable ferry again at least until a new competent tender is re-let.

    They should be looking at the directors of SPT to see if there are any criminal misgivings? Argyll & Bute Council should be cancelling the redundancy notices to their staff, at least until this mess is sorted out.

    Come on you people in power, let’s get this sorted before people get hurt and pier staff’s lives are in the bin?

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