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“Polybags – most people I know reuse them …

Comment posted Shores of Loch Long a dangerous and filthy mess with wild camping: no action from Council or National Park by John Sinclair.

“Polybags – most people I know reuse them as bin bags and dispose accordingly. Granted some people let them become litter but the vast majority don’t. Will 5p a bag make a difference? I personally doubt it.” I do agree with you that 5p a bag will not make much difference, the type of material will make all the difference. The reuse of a polybag as a bin bag could be seen as hiding the problem, it ends up in a landfill site, hidden from view, yes, but still there for future generations to deal with. I do not know what the solution is, but can we not use this litter problem as a wake up call and find a solution together. Asbestos is one of the biggest industrial killers in Scotland I am told, we try not to use it now, could plastic in the food chain be the next biggest killer. Plastic is cheap up front, but what’s the long term cost.

John Sinclair also commented

  • Graeme, I enjoyed reading your post along with all the other posts and understanding other peoples views. Litter is a life threatening problem, our oceans are suffocating with plastic waste. The putting of a monetary value on containers seems a great way forward, would like to hear more on this subject. I accept re-use is far more advance than recycling, personally I would like to see reducing at the top end of the three Rs.
    Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • With reference to the previous post. Why solve the litter problem, make it an issue, pull down more funding so it will finance monuments and get more by-laws, so pull down more funding. I think its known as empire building. Invest in education it empowers people to make their own decisions.

Recent comments by John Sinclair

  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Read my older posts Karl, you might just get a inkling of were I am going from were I have come.
    And for you Richard grow up for once, grow a pair of yesticles, your antics no longer have any amusement value left, enjoy snuggling into your processions. And finally this comment is for Robert, just go out and buy a bigger car, and then buy a bigger car, you will never ever be happy, you have no love in you, no happiness. They are not my words they are from a man whose house is
    filled with happiness and caring and love for everyone.“I lost the friends that needed losing / found others on the way.”
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Karl what do I deserve, come on spit it out, if I give it I should be able to take it. Come on then what do I deserve, let everyone known, is your true personality coming out now. Just say it you will feel a lot better.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “now stop your nonsense”
    Strange, the Yes movement has driven that change you are talking about, without it the ruling hands of Westminster would still have a firm grip round all our throats, we are prising them away to let us all breath clearly once again. Some people are so selfish, just me,me,me.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Got to go, enjoy working abroad and using Scotland as a hotel and play thing when you pop back. We want change, we want a good future for the generations to come. We will put a stop to the export trade of the youth because there’s no hope left in their home nation. This is due to the greed of Westminster. Change is here, the yes movement has driven it, there is a society here we need each other we are on that road.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “Remember the silent Jnr…which way will they vote YOU do not know…”
    Talk of 97% register to vote, talk of 80% plus voting, a big block of people who didn’t even have a voice have registered to vote, many for the first time in their adult life. They are not going to stay silent for much longer.

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