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NTA does not think so. The reasons given …

Comment posted on More melt down in wind ‘industry’ as global giant Vestas hits serious debt burden by NTA

NTA does not think so.

The reasons given by SPR were environmental. These do not stack up, as these environmental issues were there from the outset ie since 2009. However Scottish Government’s selection of MPA’s,SPA’s has still has to be finalised. That may have a significant bearing on what off-shore Array’s, or part thereof, may be or may not be consented.
This may be co-incidental.

There are many other inputs to the Tiree(Argyll)Array which are taking longer time to resolve eg transmission issues Iberdrola had hinted, well in advance of any formal announcement of any delay,that Tiree (Argyll) Array was not its priority project.

Irrespective delay in making consenting applications, and /or final investment decisions lie with the developer, and may compromise Scottish Government reaching its unilateral targets .

NTA also commented

  • The significance of the Vestas and Gamesa developments is that (a) Vestas has the largest designed off-shore turbine (7.4Mw) awaiting a customer to justify prototype testing and (b) Gamesa was trying to play catch up-with its Bellshill office designing a comparable unit. These developments amount to a stall in what Government and Developers perceived to be seamless progress.

    The cynic may suggest that Vestas and Gamesa are s posturing to lobby Govt to clarify it subsidy policy. The lobbying by Vestas in this regard, prior to deciding just a few months ago to go ahead with, what is now, an abandoned manufacturing plant, was at the time , aggressive and blatant.

    Re subsidy policy, UK Govt has a more balanced energy policy than Scottish Government. The political gossip is not “if” there will be a cut in subsidy but “when” and by “how much “. It remains to be seen who wins the battle between the DECC and the Treasury

    NTA has to correct your report where you say with regard to the Tiree (Argyll) Array when you state ” ….that the Scottish Government has postponed taking a decision on this until well after the proposed date for the Independence Referendum “. It is the developer SPR that has postponed any possible decision. Not only has SPR postponed any possible consenting decision till after the Independence Referendum, but it has delayed its final investment decision till after the March 2016 Scottish elections. This confirms the NOV 2011 CITI Group report which at the time was dismissed by Scottish Government. SSE has also adopted what at best can be described as reviewing any post independence investment decisions pertaining to current proposed projects .

Recent comments by NTA

  • Scottish Power Renewables puts Tiree/Argyll Array ‘on hold’ for 12 months
    SPR’s announcement lacks substantive information

    NTA has asked SPR the following :-

    To whom do you refer when you state “… work with others… “

    Will SPR publish the results of initial detailed environmental studies?

    Does this 12 month pause mean that in the event the project is re-activated that any consents submission will be delayed by 12 month and now not submittied till 4thQtr 2015

    NTA will advise as when if SPR respond

  • No Tiree Array nails latest Scottish Power Renewables manoeuvre on the Argyll Array
    So 1/3rd of the proposed Tiree Array site is under consideration to be withdrawn . Only 2/3rds to go !!

    In doing so SPR has conceded over-riding environmental issues with regard to the Tiree habitat of Basking Sharks and Great Northern Diver demand such consideration.

    But why make such a concession at this stage? Maybe to influence SG’s MPA review?

    The SNH basking shark survey is only in its 1st year.Its tracking records not only confirm SPR’s primary presentation, but also indicate a more widespread distribution of Basking Sharks within the area of the proposed Array.

    More impressively the result of the Great Northern Diver survey,shows a widespread distribution within the proposed Array area. If this has influenced SPR’s decision to consider reducing the overall size of the proposed Array,then logically it suggests SPR should consider abandoning the proposed Array in its entirety.

    SPR should publish the full details their surveys.

  • Divisions open on wind farms as VisitScotland takes a stand
    hey guys ..this page is about windfarms and their impact on how do we get from that to air fuel synthesis??

    we have the foll to consider

    (1) earlier this year a poll found a possible 20% drop in tourist income could be expected in windfarm impacted tourist areas

    (2) A&B Council economic plan seeks 50 % increase in A&B tourist income by 2015

    (3) Alex Salmond claims that wind farms “enhance our appeal as a country”

    (4) Visit Scotland now objects to a windfarm on the grounds that it ” could have a detrimental effect” on holidaymakers.

    Rational thought and analysis support(1)and(4)but what
    will achieve(2)with(3)obviously requiring treatment.

  • Developers target Scottish Government as easiest route to large windfarm consents
    The following articulation,in 2009, by a Scottish Developer confirms that Scotland has become a ” soft touch”
    From ESRC Seminar Series: WHERE NEXT FOR WIND?
    Seminar 4:”Ownership and Stakeholding in the Wind Power Debate” Cardiff University 17th February 2009 ( SPR announced in Feb 2009 its proposed Tiree (Argyll) Array)
    In questions, Mr Martin Mather (Scottish Power) noted that the involvement of the community may not actually make much difference in terms of the scale of deployment, but it was important to the communities that host wind projects, so should not be discounted. Furthermore, it does relate to planning, as much wind power is backed by international investors and if they feel they can get a better and more certain return on their investment in a country with a quicker regulatory system, they are more likely to invest there.
    This is a concise statement of intent from a Scottish Developer.
    Scottish Government (SG), meanwhile confirms the charade that has become of SG ‘consultation’ by excluding Argyll from SG/Marine Scotland’s ‘s current road show . This road-show is to offer ‘focus’on SG’s plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. Notwithstanding Argyll has 45% of SG’s current off-shore proposals SG excluded Argyll from its road- show.
    After a protest from NTA ,and possibly others, SG has relented with this advise to NTA:-
    Mr Lochhead has asked me to let you know that Marine Scotland will now be putting on an additional event in Oban, and will seek to publicise the event locally as widely as possible once the arrangements are
    John Davidson
    Private Secretary to Richard Lochhead MSP
    Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment
    This response is already being spun by SG that it “is committed to the widest possible consultation”
    Why did it require NTA to protest to SG in the first place?
  • Scottish Government information events on offshore wind, wave and tidal energy – none in Argyll
    This sums up Scottish Government’s “lack of joined up thinking” approach to public engagement on this nationally important issue.

    But a study of the reportage of the ” Inquiry into SG’s Renewable Targets” by SG’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee Inquiry, suggests that Argyll and Bute CC is singing from the developer’s song sheet.

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