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Couldn’t agree more. Almost as much rubbish …

Comment posted MCA serves Argyll Ferries with improvement notice by Kay Bee.

Couldn’t agree more. Almost as much rubbish as For Argyll which if ever there was a misnomer that takes the Gold Medal.

Kay Bee also commented

  • No I wasn’t. My point was that the wake following the boats will move any pontoon unless it is made of excessive tonnage and the concommitant excessive cost. The wake made by these boats affect Western Ferries at 480GRT. And in any case my main point was it will not improve the crossing experience one iota.
  • Mr Blue it may have escaped your notice but the RNLI do not run passenger ferries. They are an emergency service. Their job requires fast responses from boats that are land launched quickly in most cases and the sheer cost of building and running a boat of 500GRT at the speeds required would be prohibitive.
    The ludicrous restrictons imposed on Cal Mac were that it was only allowed to operate hourly and had to finish just after 9pm. Hardly conducive to being able to operate a competing service with an operator free to set their own frequency and timings. This restriction was imposed at the time WF was set up to allow them to establish themselves. A Thatcherite idea I understand based on her privatisation agenda.
    The MV Filla serving the Skerries has a displacement of 560 tons carries 30 passengers and 9 cars is partially in the lea of the prevailing winds and Atlantic swell and due to its size is capable of operating in considerable weather conditions unlike the much lighter “bath tub” boats who stop in as little as force 4 or 5 depending on wind direction in inland waters!
  • What a load of absolute tosh. The streakers carried 60000 vehicles a year and made a profit on the vehicle aspect of their service and that despite the ludicrous restrictions on the service they were allowed to operate – in effect a subsidy for Western Ferries the most profitable ferry company in the world with a return on investment of over 30%.
    An unrestricted vehicle and passenger service able to operate in all but the worst weather conditions would more than double the vehicle profit and give a much needed boost to Tourism to the Cowal peninsula. The report that was done into the service some years ago concluded this with both CalMac and WF agreeing that boats of a certain size and tonnage are needed to cope with the weather experienced on the Clyde upstream of Cloch Point. Experts say at least 500GRT would be required not the laughable 75 and 175 of the AliCat and Argyll Flyer.

    As to pontoons they will not improve the crossing one iota and with the excessive following wake made by these boats as they come into the berth will become decidedly alarming to the elderly , the disabled and young children if not to other Adults and should be resisted at all costs as should the maunderings of For Argyll which if ever there was a inappropriate title this must be a gold medallist..

    Finaly it is the Scottish Government declared policy to reduce our Carbon emissions so driving round the 89 miles by road to Gourock is hardly consistent with this.

Recent comments by Kay Bee

  • Dunoon ferry services: facts and fancies
    My ignorance born of living in this area since 1939! Sailed these waters for over 60 years. Been in the Royal navy have a commercial endorsed Yacht master licence. Have used every type of boat that has ever been used on the Clyde from Clyde steamers to the Maids, to the first car ferries to WF ferries to these dreadful totally unsuitable boats for what is classified as a lifeline service because The Peninsula we live on has been classified in European law as equivalent to an Island and the ferry service classified as an Essential Public Service. If you were to understand anything about this subject then you might have some useful comments to make. Rather than your own ill educated maunderings.
  • Dunoon ferry services: facts and fancies
    Look in the mirror Mr Wakeman. If any one is presenting dubious notions as fact it’s yourself and For Argyll who seem to think that blissful ignorance is a substitute for expertise.

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