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Wow ! Ever thought maybe you are …

Comment posted MCA serves Argyll Ferries with improvement notice by Charles H.

Wow ! Ever thought maybe you are expecting too much? Weather is a natural phenomenon that must be anticipated but cannot be controlled. How big a ferry should we ask for? One that can run in the worst storm? The cancellation numbers I have seen are minimal. If the conditions on a specific day are uncomfortable for you, STAY HOME.

When you choose to live in a remote area, you subject yourself to the surrounding conditions. For example, if you live in Alaska, you can’t bitch because the small planes that service the area can’t fly in a storm.

These are choices people, you can control where you live and work. If you decide Dunoon is your home, learn to live with your choice.

Charles H also commented

  • Quite frankly guys, the article quite accurately depicts the current situation. Having lived in and outside of Dunoon, I fail to see a problem with the current service level from either ferry service. This subject has received way too much attention and your local politicians need to focus their efforts on more worthy causes.

    How about trying to bring some life back to the town? It looks like you also could give some attention to growing social problems such as youth drinking.

    Stop bitching about issues that are out of your control and work on attracting new businesses and improving access to the natural beauty of Argyll. Sit back on the ferry and enjoy the scenery that you have been blessed to take for granted.

Recent comments by Charles H

  • Dunoon ferry services: the supply and demand picture
    The actual over capacity number is in the region of 500%. The total capacity of 10,871,000 is 6 times greater than the actual usage of 1,813,000. This is the number that should be used to demonstrate the point !!!

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