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Kay Bee: your description of pontoons seems …

Comment posted MCA serves Argyll Ferries with improvement notice by Robert Wakeham.

Kay Bee: your description of pontoons seems to be of the flimsy lightweight flexible type for small boats & yachts in sheltered harbours, rather than the traditional heavyweight pontoon landing stage structures that are customary for passenger ferry use – ignorance or just massaging the facts to fit your own prejudices?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Calling yourself ‘ferryman’ suggests that this is probably your main interest, so I’m surprised you don’t care about the set-up at Gourock – or are you ‘car driver’ more than ‘ferryman’, and passengers can go take a running jump?
  • Ferryman, how would you propose a ‘service that works’ could adequately provide for easy transfer of foot passengers, including elderly and disabled, between ferry and train at Gourock?
  • That’s at Dunoon; and at the other end?
  • I would have thought that it was obvious to most people that linkspans are designed to expedite vehicle traffic whereas pontoons are designed to make life easy for people. It was because MacBrayne’s Islay service hadn’t upgraded to vehicle ramps that Western Ferries was set up in the first place, and here we are goodness knows how many years later with a similar lack of decent facilities, this time for passengers, on the Gourock – Dunoon route – and, for that matter, on the Gourock Kilcreggan route.
  • I think you’re creating a problem – I think ferry pontoons are designed to cope with the size of boats and the degree of exposure. Pontoons don’t behave like boats.

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    One time I noticed a car, apparently intact and the right way up, completely underwater on the shore at Ardgartan – it transpired the police knew about it, and no-one had been trapped, but it gave me a fright.
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    Mr Dixon-Spain

    Could you please look at what you’ve written and – if you can’t lower it clear of the header text and advertising blurb that renders most of your message illegible, find someone who can?
    I think that this is the very least that ‘newsie’ deserves – and I very much hope that we haven’t heard the last from her because, as ‘Plugit’ says, she’s been doing a valuable service to the community.

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