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…and the energy that you use may well …

Comment posted Hilarious case of wind business dollar chasers threatening law over cut subsidies by Lowry.

…and the energy that you use may well come from nuclear.

Lowry also commented

  • What I meant was that whilst it may be very laudible to sign up to ‘green’ energy providers (which I believe they are not) what is received through the grid comes mainly from other sources. It is very unlikely that the Scottish Gvt. will achieve its target for renewables and highly likely that, even if it does, it will be dependent on imported electricity from nuclear power at times when renewables fail.
  • OK – so can someone please explain:
    I pay extra on my electricity bill, directly to my provider, to help subsidise renewables.
    Mr A who has PV panels on his roof gets so much per annum from FITs.
    Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has stated:
    “We found that the uptake of solar pv an FITs generally for microgeneration was much greater last year than aynone had expected – it was ginormous and was busting the budget dramatically, so urgent action had to be taken…”
    Are you saying that the extra I pay on my bill is not connected to FITs? Some on this site have said that FITs and the government are not connected. I beg to differ.
  • I have also been amused by some bloggers on this site who believe that energy consumers are only paying towards the subsidies directly through their bills to the energy suppliers and therefore it has nothing to do with the Westminster Government. We are also paying for the subsidies through our taxes as this recent development shows. The cost to consumers is very much under the control of Westminster.

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