Indeed, but who calls you to account? …

Comment posted Good appointment to council press office by Michael Banks.

Indeed, but who calls you to account?

Michael Banks also commented

  • Maybe Simon could point out some of the errors in this piece then. I will leave it to him.

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17 Responses to Indeed, but who calls you to account? …

  1. Congratulations on your appointment Aileen.

    May I on behalf of the Museum thank you for your interest and assistance in our activities.

    A new opportunity for you with which I wish you every success.

    Kindest regards.

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  2. Newsie, is that the same Dunoon Observer that you exclusively revealed was due to close before Xmas last year??

    “bunker mentality and dubious practices”? Pffft.

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  3. Is this also the same Dunoon Observer that doesn’t report on fatal accidents and never seems to follow up on stories that do not involve ferries?

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    • Well said JimB. You’re not the only one who notices that the Observer never follows up on reported stories. Most frustrating. This weeks paper was all police reports and courts, golf and bowls ! Then again baybe nothing happened……….

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  4. Good appointment. Aileen is a well known and respected journalist in Argyll, big loss for the Dunoon Observer but ABC needs the quality in these positions. Don’t imagine this administration will give her the same amount of fire fighting the last lot created.

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  5. When the Jo Smith saga eventually comes to some conclusion does this mean everybody who was abused by the press office under the various councillors and officials orders will get their day in court.Anything else is a complete waste of time.
    As a interested bystander what exactly does A&B,s press office actually do.

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    • I can’t say specifically what the A&B press office do but more generally a council press office’s duties will include the likes of:

      Dealing with media enquiries.
      Producing internal and external communications including things like staff magazines, and also keeping people like MSPs, us punters, other partners etc informed about services and issues.
      Maintaining the council website.
      Managing the ‘brand’ of the council to ensure consistency.

      It is actually an important part of a council and effective if managed well.

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  6. Whilst I wish this lady success in her new appointment, I can’t help thinking that this indeed is a very safe appointment by the council. The Observer’s lack of criticism of A&B over the past few years has been obvious to all, no doubt guided by the fear that they may lose local government advertising (something that should have happened years ago!). Still, looking on the bright side, one less member of staff should help their dire finances.. and probably increase the coverage of golf and bowls!

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  7. Yes newsie, you are welcoming her now, but i wonder how long it will be before you turn on her when she doesn’t want to deal with you. Never mind, no doubt you can make up something and add a gate to the end of it. I wish the woman all the luck in the world, she will need it.

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  8. By the look of this site she’s got her work cut out. What few on here seem to have twigged is that Ms McNicol will be required to protect the council’s reputation, just the same as her predecessors will have tried to do. From what I’ve read of Argyll & Bute Council, it has been its own worst enemy, conducting some kind of witch hunt until it had nobody in place to prevent the complete car crash that was the Martha Payne/NeverSeconds fiasco. Ms McNicol is no longer a journalist, she has been employed to act as gamekeeper rather than poacher. No doubt, in due course, she will fall foul of the self-righteous vitriol all too apparent in this blog. Best of luck to her, I wouldn’t have touched the post with a barge pole.

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