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Glad our MSP has contributed to the discussion. …

Comment posted Dunoon ferry services: facts and fancies by DunoonLad.

Glad our MSP has contributed to the discussion. Is it not criminal that Argyll Ferries have continued to break the law, and put the general public at risk, by continuing to disregard what has been pointed out to them? Why is the MSP not ensuring that criminal charges are being pursed if this is in fact the case?

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  • We should all be very glad that we are not relying on Dunoon’s new linkspan for vehicular services this week, as there is a large crane, and scaffolding round the structure. Obviously major repairs being carried out – and it has never ever been used for a vehicle service!
  • @newsroom – although I have no idea if your figures and all your facts are correct, you have listed all the probable scenarios which will affect any action that the government may take. The subsidy one relating to increased costs if vehicle ferries were to be used, is a very interesting one. Yes, some do not like your article, but even with the mistakes, it does paint an interesting picture.
  • Like it or not, I think your article spells out all the relevant facts, and puts them into perspective. You have stated that Dunoon and Cowal have a ferry transport system to be envious of (with the need for some improvements). Enjoyed the article Newsroom.

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