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Where now? isn’t there a strong case …

Comment posted Dunoon ferry services: facts and fancies by Robert Wakeham.

Where now? isn’t there a strong case for widening the scope of the surely inevitable review to include the Gourock – Kilcreggan and Helensburgh passenger routes, the role of the SPTE, and the integration of trains and ferries at Gourock?
And given the part that EU regulation plays, there should also be vigorous investigation of what European funds could (or rather, should) be available towards both capital and operating costs, given the important part these routes play (or could/should play) in the economic and social life of the region. Given all that, I’d nominate George Lyon to get stuck in. He knows the area, the people, and what the difference is between a good ferry service and a worse than mediocre botch-up. Who knows, he might even rescue the government from becoming the laughing stock that it deserves to be if it doesn’t wake up to the notion that there’s more to the economic health of this country than promoting golf developments for the wealthy.

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  • If (and it’s quite a big ‘if’) your supposition were to be correct, it would be to do with this particular boat and nothing at all to do with a pontoon. You’d be doing yourself a favour by staying within the realms of credibility, if that’s possible.
  • Pontoons can be designed to ‘go up and down’ within strictly defined limits, such that it does not compromise their effectiveness – and gangway movement would be so small as to be almost un-noticeable. I can’t help thinking that there’s a common perception of pontoons in terms of the structures in yacht marinas – which tend to be in sheltered harbours, much lighter and more buoyant, and thus sometimes capable of quite lively movement when hit by the wash of a boat.
  • I’ve got good reason to, if you absorb all the criticism of the ferry service.
  • This makes it sound as if the only sure long-term solution is a tunnel, but I’ll doubtless be shot down by the usual suspects for saying so.
  • The Argyll Ferries website isn’t ‘reporting it as a problem’, it’s your misinterpretation of their use of the term ‘disruption’ that’s the problem. There does seem to be a pattern in your comments of misinterpreting other points of view to put them in a bad light when in fact they’re perfectly reasonable comment.

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