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I’d ask you to post the evidence that …

Comment posted Council to review primary education provision for Dunoon by Islay for ever.

I’d ask you to post the evidence that pupils do better “socially” in smaller schools . I cannot accept that a primary school with only five pupils is a better environment socially than a larger school . I say that as someone who attended a primary school which had at times as few as eleven pupils .

Islay for ever also commented

  • I am aware there are some benefits from being educated in a small school, what I am suggesting for West Kintyre would result in a school of about 30 pupils in the heart of the area it serves .
    Imagine if you would Anne , that Glenbrekerie School near Southend was open with 4 or 5 pupils , surely the sensible move would be to unite the few pupils with Southend School and still enjoy the benefits of a small school but not TOO small ?
    Infact that is what happened and I don’t hear anyone suggesting Glenbrekerie be reopened.
  • I’m not claiming to speak for anyone , merely putting forward my view on the way forward for primary educational provision in West Kintyre, which I have found has support among some parents .
    Given we have a new council and they are reviewing school provision in parts of Argyll , I don’t think that’s too unreasonable .
    I don’t consider the provision of a brand new school “negative” , nor do I imagine any parent or taxpayer would expect the council to continue to own empty school buildings indefinitely .
    I have suggested a use for one of the school buildings which would bring employment to the area .
    It appears that my opponents here cannot offer any constructive suggestions at all, clinging to the false belief that their partially occupied schools are safe and there is no problem
  • You may have come across ‘groupspeak’ . I find it easier to get parents’ views when speaking to them individually .
    Do you not see a problem in class sizes of one or two ?
    Many adults, who experienced small classes, express the view that they would have much preferred to have been educated in bigger groups particularly when it came to team activities such as football .
    I am not one of those people blindly looking to close small rural schools , I just happen to believe school children in West Kintyre could benefit hugely from three schools becoming one .
  • I am in regular contact with parents from all three communities and I find that while having an attachment to the local school , having in many cases gone to it themselves ,they are the first people to recognise that having their child in a class of one or two is not good for the child or sustainable .
    Regarding trends , you have only to look what has happened over the last 30 years in each school and to look at the number of infants and babies around the area to see there is unlikely, to put it mildly , to be any upswing in numbers
    Cost is important but my main concern is the education the children receive .
  • Why not have a review of provision in West Kintyre also ? Clachan primary school is down to 5 pupils , Glenbarr and Rhunahaorine both very small in numbers .
    A brand new school at Tayinloan village to replace the three ,complete with nursery facilities would surely be the most cost effective solution and be better for the children .
    Planning services for Kintyre and Islay could be devolved to one of the redundant school buildings and the other two sold .

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