A83 back on hazard alert – and British Geological Survey information on Glen Croe

(6th July update: Hazard alert removed.) Transport Scotland has put the A83 at Rest and Be Thankful back on hazard alert from this afternoon (5th July).

However, this time they are advising that motorists exercise ‘caution’ as opposed to the ‘extreme caution’.

Editor’s Note: In an exchange between two readers, Robert Wakeham and ferryman, the issue of the underlying geological nature of Glen Croe with Rest and Be Thankful came up.

Mr Wakeham has now sent us a letter he had form the British Geological Survey in 2001 in response to questions he had asked them on this matter. The detailed information is interesting – as is the fact that the only workable solution is clearly, as we and others have been saying for some time, to build galleries over threatened parts of this road.

The two pages of the BGS letter to Mr Wakeham are here:

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8 Responses to A83 back on hazard alert – and British Geological Survey information on Glen Croe

  1. The letter regarding the A83 is dated 2001, that is 11 years ago! Mind you compared with the ferry saga in Dunoon the problem is in its infancy.

    What do Transport Scotland do, obviously it is something other than the name suggests. Why are our politicians not ensuring that Civil Servants deliver satisfactory solutions in a timely manner?

    To go back to Japan since Mike Russell MSP mentioned the country in his plan to build tunnels under the Irish sea; In Japan they suffered horrendous damage to their infrastructure but managed to key items working in weeks.

    Why are the A83, A82, A85 and the Dunoon Gourock ferry all taking years decades even?

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  2. It’s my view that this just goes to show how much the SNP government cares about rural areas. How many years have they had to do something about it – 6?

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  3. Two negatives do not make it right. I thought a few bloggers on here had higher hopes for ths SNP govt. They were sure that the gvt. would do things better. I’m still waiting…

    As for the new SNP council administration, they have recently been recognised by Private Eye in the Rotten Boroughs section. Not even the previous group managed to achieve that!

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    • That’s a very biased reading of the Private Eye piece, which is more about senior council staff than the councillors themselves. It’s also clearly informed by a local ‘deep throat’ as it uses a moniker that’s unlikely to be known outside this area.

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  4. “Two negatives do not make it right.” but does it not make a positive, was there not a vote were if people put no against no, it was counted as a yes, and my right could be your wrong. “ARGYL & BUTE
    Turmoil in the PR department that made such a dog’s breakfast of its handling of a nine year old’s school meals blog.” Private Eye Rotten Boroughs section. Which administration allowed those meals in the first place. lol when politician blame the last clowns for all the mess, the mess is caused by the politicians, so they are blaming themselves, no no.

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