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Comment posted What’s a fibreoptic cable doing lying on a beach anyway? by sokay.

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sokay also commented

  • Wrong! see 2 above, and do you realise how deep the oceans are? Cables are not buried under the sea or loch bed, but the point where they are most vulnerable is on the surface before entering the water (fresh or salt). There perhaps they should be fed through buried (metal) duct or duct embedded in concrete.

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  • What a night – and not the best for Nicola Sturgeon
    possibly cleaning the used tissues and pop corn from their pleasure caves (polite term)
  • MSP’s track record shows persistent defiance of planning authorities – yet he’s home free
    Maybe Ex MSP this A.M. ? but thread still valid. Am I right in my recollection that there was a public “letter/notice” in the ferry hut several years ago explaining the delay in the £1/3 million upgrade of BT cables to Easdale Island to allow faster internet and subsequently broad band, any one recall? Will this help “Mike MacKenzie Scottish National Party
    I am much more optimistic than Rhoda Grant and have a better insight into the immense technical difficulty we have seen in laying cables—not least submarine cables—to many of our islands. Will the cabinet secretary explain some of the benefits of delivering high-speed broadband across the Highlands and Islands and say whether that will boost the economy?”
  • Curiosity of Sturgeon’s late and surprise campaign trailing of indyref 2
    Huge A. Whom so ever leads the “No” campaign, if there ever is a campaign would immediately lose out on a head count of “fudds” one , Elma ( it’s actually Elmar, but I understand that Bugs Bunny might be a difficult serie of stories for one with a single figure IQ to grasp) lots fewer than the multitudes on “yes” side as evidenced on here?
  • Reconnected again after lightning zap
    @R.W………….A cure for lightning, an act of some one’s deity, do you understand anything about lightning and the damage it can cause? Offer BT a clue as you seem to think there’s a cure!
  • Argyll-based SNP List MSP competing to be SNP constituency candidate for Shetland
    Do you 17 not understand “pathos” at it’s very best? Go John M 🙂

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