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I thought the voices of the puppets were …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Mike Story.

I thought the voices of the puppets were familiar, and often heard in the halls of Kilmory…..but I might be wrong 🙂

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  • 300 year old beeches in Loch Lomond’s Inchtavannach Island poisoned by – Scottish Natural Heritage
    I note from the SNH website that they currently have no director of operations, and that the Chair is Ian Ross is also Chair of the Forestry Commission Scotland’s National Forest Evaluation Scheme…Mr Ross seems to know a lot about trees and should be able to answer Simon Miller’s questions.
  • A83 Latest – closure [updating regularly]
    Good advice from Keith Stanger. The weather front sweeping in tomorrow is a shocker. 70mm of rain and gale force winds are forecast. The main road needs to be shut at the RABT for safety reasons, but I can assure FA readers that everyone working to get the road open again would rather stay and keep going.

    BEAR will put extra men and equipment on the OMR to make sure it stay operational despite the weather.

    Mike Story
    A83 Task Force Group

  • A83 Latest – closure [updating regularly]
    Indeed. Part of the mitigation works undertaken by the task force is a program of reforestation on vulnerable slopes from Cairndow to Ardgarten, and including the RABT.
  • A83 Latest – closure [updating regularly]
    Hello Robert

    You are correct that Glen Kinglas is suffering from a number of slips. There is provision in the A83 Task Force plan to address these areas and survey work is already under way.

  • A83 Latest – closure [updating regularly]
    Hello Robert

    In answer to your question, the high tensile netting did considerably lessen the impact of Tuesdays slide. The nets caught somewhere between 1200 and 1500 tones of material, mostly boulders, and some of them the size of cars. The materials that reached the road were a slurry of smaller stones, mud and water. This is considerably safer to vehicles. The high that the slip originated at is a problem as it is a considerable way up the hill and difficult to inspect. Work continues and BEAR are aiming to have the route fully open by Thursday rush hour.

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