See Crazy!!! I bliddy told you it was a …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Simon.

See Crazy!!!

I bliddy told you it was a conspiracy!!!!


Simon also commented

  • Walter Burton? Walter Burton!! I posted a link to this days ago!!

    And nobody said thanks.

Recent comments by Simon

  • Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution
    Integrity/Crazy, sorry about the delay in getting back to you. My take on Cameron’s effin swearing is that it was as patronising and condescending at was deliberate. It was his pathetically puerile attempt to ingratiate himself and show that he was just ‘one of the boys’ at heart. Bollocks. There were at least three things wrong with this though, ‘Golden Davie boy comes from a rich family and privileged bwckground, he wasnt talking to a bunch of ordinary ‘Schemies fae Saughton’ he was talking to the office staff and Magement of Scottish Widowws and finally he was playing the ‘emotional’ card that the politica pundits had identified earlier as beingly missing from the ‘no’ campaign up till that point.
    This was a carefully contrived political theatre and a nod the direction o the Scottish voter from Cameron on his day trip to Scotland ‘because nothing is moe important than this vote’.
    Aye right!
    PS Integrity, guess why you never read about it in the media? Because they decided not to make big spoash about the Prime minister swearing live on tv – but see if it had been Jim Sillars…
  • Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution
    Integrity, I was talking about his ‘don’t vote Yes just to give the Tories an Effin kicking’ remark. He made it last week whilst addressing staff at Scottish Widows ie on his much heralded day trip “to meet the Scottish people”.
  • Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution
    Integrity, I wouldn’t have thought that Jim Sillars’ comments would have any effect on any rational person despite the best efforts of the Daily Mail, Express, For Argyll and the’(mock) easily-offended’ Iike bichard to make an issue of this. Compare the predictable treatment Sillars received to the muted reaction the Prime Minister received after swearing live on tv.
  • Sillars no authority but authentic voice of ‘Yes’ culture of intimidation and retribution
    Newsie, your proposition that Jim Sillars, who holds no office as far as I’m aware in either the SNP or the Yes campaign, reflects more accurately the polices of that campaign than its actual officers is as sensible as suggesting that the repugnant Orange Order, BNP, UKIP, EDL, SDL and the other odious organisations trying to persuade us to vote ‘No’ are somehow more symptomatic that campaign’s agenda, is quite frankly stupid, even your own appalingly low standards.
    And of couse then you the inevitable usual suspects on here all rushing to support your fanciful hypothesis. Lundavra’s baseless account of the experience of his ‘ coveniently handy’ and/or ‘imaginary friend’ is unbelievable as it is unverifiable.
  • Salmond now being rude about the businesses on which Scotland depends
    Jamie, Bichard and their naysaying chums are suffering from premature ejeculation. This isn’t over and if 17 billion has been moved that suggests that the speculators, spivs and gamblers know something that’s not publicly being reported. Deutche bank ?? What was it these criminals were fined for again? Nobody ever expected the banks, fat cats and the financial sector to support anybody but the negative no numpties. These tories are not interested in anyone but themselves. For me this was always about voting Yes for a fairer and more equitable society, nothing has changed and there is everything still to play for – regardless of what the boringly predictable chummies say.

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10 Responses to See Crazy!!! I bliddy told you it was a …

    • Thank you Simon. I’m sorry I missed this for every possible reason.
      I personally had not seen your link. We share comment moderation duty so who sees what depends on who’s doing it.
      Walter Burton phoned us and so told me about this direct.
      We’re very glad of information like this and to see it shared as you did.

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  1. That was excellent and hopefully it will also go viral around the world. Perhaps then Ms Sally Loudon and Clelland Sneddon will fall on their swords!!

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