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Electric cars, buses and trucks is a stupid …

Comment posted on Caithness wind farm rejection by Scots Renewables

Electric cars, buses and trucks is a stupid idea.

What about fossil fuel powered cars, buses and trucks then Henri? Good idea?

Scots Renewables also commented

  • John and Henri,

    We can’t even persuade the likes of Malcolm that we need to decarbonise our energy supply and use it more efficiently.

    Trying to persuade them to do without altogether is a complete fantasy. It is a vote loser par excellence, a student fantasy that is never going to happen.

    We will be back in the caves (or the trees) before we give up our personal transport, our warm homes and our endless gadgets.

  • Most forecasts agree that onshore wind will cost the same as or less than nuclear or new coal per MW by 2016

    The electricity generated by wind is a matter of public record.

  • In my lifetime, since the 50s the atmosphere has never been cleaner.

    Yes, but you do not regard CO2 as a pollutant, do you Malcolm?

  • ‘The Horse Is Here To Stay’ says Motor Opponent

    (Daily Mail, London, June 14th 1901)
    A colourful figure on his soapbox at the beginning of this new century, Mr. Kirk roundly condemns the stupidity and arrogance of those who seek to replace the horse.

    ‘They say these motor cars can go as fast and further than the horse’ he told our reporter. ‘Yet my figures show that they average only a quarter of their alleged top speed. Furthermore, ninety-eight percent of all journeys within our island kingdom are made by horse-drawn transport’

    To illustrate his point Mr. Kirk showed our reporter a most enlightening picture of a tiny motor car dwarfed by the huge horse standing next to it

  • ‘Carbon materials are environmentally damaging’

    erm . . . what exactly does this mean? In fact GRP and similar materials are inert unless ground up into dust.

    Here’s a picture of kids playing in a Rotterdam playground that has been built using discarded wind turbine blades.

    What is ‘overriding the science’ I am afraid is Newsroom’s apparent willingness to publish any old guff to support her now full-blown turbophobia.

Recent comments by Scots Renewables

  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    A threnody is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

    Quite appropriate. The promise that was the original ForArgyll is indeed quite dead.

    I think I will stick to the Cowal Courier from now on. That’s a proper news site that seems to have your measure.

    Toodle pip!

  • Russell admits vehicle element of former Dunoon ferry was indeed publicly funded
    Oh do cheer up Newsroom! The hybrid ferries are non-military ships being built on the Clyde. Surely something to cheer about?

    Re. your concerns about staff training – I think you will find that staff require retraining whenever a new vessel is brought into service . . . each boat is different.

    And please do stop all this ‘we hear rumours’ rubbish. No-one believes you. Come up with facts and their sources like a real journalist or stop smearing doom and gloom. Less fuel is less fuel. And the new ferries are also designed to have lower maintenance costs.

    Now, here’s some more potential good news on the ship technology front for Scotland . . . CMAL has been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for Scottish Enterprise to evaluate the technical and commercial possibilities of using hydrogen fuel cells to power zero emission ferries. If this goes ahead it could put Scotland at the forefront of another new technology, with the consequent design, development and manufacturing of hybrid engines being located here. Great news – though I expect ForArgyll will want to talk it down.

  • New Mobile Theme for
    The mobile version isn’t triggered by my iPad, which is a good thing – but it does come up in an iPhone emulator I tried.

    Strangely enough specific mobile versions of websites (as opposed to apps – which are here to stay) may be a relatively short-lived phenomenon. As bandwidth on phones increases dramatically and most displays become HD 1024 pixels wide or more so standard websites become more and more useable. I don’t come across many that don’t display well on the iPad.

    A mobile version was far more essential on older 320 pixel devices like Nokias, but these will die out. The non-mobile version of this site (for example) is quite useable on a new smartphone once it is rotated horizontally.

    Apps that do specific things on mobile devices are another matter – they are definitly here to stay. And for blog sites like this the mobile version definitley increases useability (but see below).

    Some feedback – I couldn’t view the comments on the mobile version, but I was using an emulator rather than an actual smartphone. Can other people view and post comments OK on the new mobile site using an iPhone or Andriod phone?

  • Clyde shipyards at risk – news by year end
    Just testing the comments function on the mobile version of the site.

    (Using an online iPhone emulator)

  • Scottish Conservatives underline common ownership of Saltire
    It is Scottish Labour that really needs to up its game dramatically if it wants to keep a credible presense in Holyrood in the 2016 election. What Ruthie and the Scottish Conservative Party do is of little relevance.

    According to Newsnet Scotland a recent poll shows Westminster voting intentions in Scotland as:

    SNP 39%
    Labour 33%
    Conservative 16%
    LibDem 6%
    Others 7%

    If this doesn’t ring alarm bells for Labour nothing will.

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