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First windfarm refused in 4 years? Er Kilchattan …

Comment posted Caithness wind farm rejection by Lucy Martin.

First windfarm refused in 4 years? Er Kilchattan windfarm Kintyre refused by Scottish Ministers, January this year!

I would have thought that For Argyll would know what happens in Argyll at least.

And I’m assuming that the website will be going offline soon, because they cannot find a mobile phone, laptop or tablet (or indeed electricity from any form of generator) that does not involve the use of rare earths.

Lucy Martin also commented

  • So is it the price or the environmental impact you’re worried about?

    And in any case, modern generators ALL use the same technology, so no matter what technology we use to replace our current power stations (gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wave or tidal) we will still need the rare earths.

    The only rational approach is surely to compare lifecyle impacts of the technologies and not just cherry pick an issue which we think rules out the one we don’t like in the first place.

    Wind, like other technologies, has downsides, but it also has major advantages – virtually no CO2, no SOX, no NOX.

    Going home now on an electric trian which uses rare earths in the motor because it uses the latest technology which is much more efficient. And I know I’m having much less overall imapct that the drivers who lug a tonne of metal around with them everywhere they go.

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