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‘since all modern stations use the pumped return …

Comment posted Water Resources (Scotland) Bill introduced – issues arising by Robert Wakeham.

‘since all modern stations use the pumped return system’ – if this is a suggestion that pumped storage is the order of the day, I’d be surprised because a good few recent hydro power projects seem to have been ‘run of the river’ which, by definition, can’t be pumped storage.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Are you sure about this, John? – pumping & generating at the same time doesn’t seem to make any sense, and building a bigger dam seems highly improbable, as 10% of the reservoir replenishment comes from feeder canals tapping streams around the mountain – and they’d be too low if the dam was higher, whereas there doesn’t appear to be room to enlarge the reservoir by building a new dam significantly ‘downstream’ from the existing one.
    It’s designed to sell power to the grid at times of peak demand, and replenish the reservoir by using cheap off-peak power to drive the turbines as pumps. Apparently it also provides an almost instant (2 minutes from standing, 30 seconds if spinning) emergency power supply to the grid to ‘kick start’ any other power stations in the event of a major shut-down preventing them from drawing the electricity from the grid that they would need to power-up again.

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