UK Treasury Secretary launches consultation on Scottish Government issuing own bonds

Thanks to the eurozone crisis, everyone is now familiar with the system of government borrowing by issuing bonds bought by the market on what it considers a viable yield rate at the time.

Where the credit rating agencies downgrade the credit rating of a country, the market will demand a higher bond yield to cushion the risk they take in buying government bonds – and

The Scotland Act has already been amended to make it possible for the Scottish Government to issue its own bonds – allowing it to raise substantial sums to fund infrastructural projects.

UK Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, is starting a consultation process today to establish what the implications, advantages and disadvantages would be of both the Scottish and UK governments issuing bonds. The impact of this situation would affect both Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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2 Responses to UK Treasury Secretary launches consultation on Scottish Government issuing own bonds

  1. I think these bonds should be called bins! As all the banker debt gets chucked into them and we get to pay for it, then we have Gilt Bonds (birth certificate bonds) which are based on the people of the UK “full faith and credit”
    FA look into Mortgages and Loans I think you will find that after a period of time the banks sell them on the open market (wonder who now owns your mortgage or load slip) {free and clear in 90 days}
    Now feel free to correct me but the Clydesdale and Bank of Scotland can already print their own money, so if Scotland’s leaders grew a set they would say stuff the Rothschild’s Bank of England and we would set our own independent rates {remember our notes are not accepted in some parts of England or Wales}
    Bonds and our current banking system only serves the banking families and keeps the sheep enslaved by debt and worry of money
    How many times have you heard the media tell us of the price for items have gone up and the people repeating this? Yet the truth of the matter is the value of our money has fallen {every time our slave masters (bankers) print more money}

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