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Infrasound from wind turbines is a hilarious concern, …

Comment posted Caithness wind farm rejection by Mike Barnard.

Infrasound from wind turbines is a hilarious concern, given that people living within 75 meters of beaches face about double the sound pressure of infrasound as those living within 200 meters of wind turbines. Not to mention that medical literature is quite clear on the subject: wind turbines emit infrasound at levels too low to hear or perceive, and sound pressure from infrasound has to be much, much higher to start causing any problems to humans.

Mike Barnard also commented

  • Actually, four of five statistically valid studies in the UK and USA show no property value impacts or positive one. The outlier study has a US county with the majority of the data showing no impacts, and two counties with less than half of the wind turbines showing negative impacts yet claims negative impacts despite the very odd data. And states in the preamble that the researcher refused to believe that there were no impacts. Finding what you look for; not just for non-researchers.
  • Ah, the lovely Waubra Foundation, whose Board Members don’t live in Waubra. The closest is about 122 kilometres away.

    Ah, the lovely Waubra Foundation, chaired by a Dr. who oddly enough has let her registration lapse and isn’t bothering to renew it, yet still gives out medical advice.

    Ah, the lovely Waubra Foundation, with it’s deep ties to medium-sized fossil fuel companies, aka the ones that haven’t figured out that renewables are an opportunity for enhanced revenue, as opposed to a threat. The dumb ones, in other words.

  • Wind energy has the lowest environmental impact of any form of generation on a per kWh basis according to industry standard lifecycle cost of energy approaches. Wind energy is a strong net positive for the environment and human health. Raising scares about wind energy when virtually everything else is much, much worse is a-factual scare mongering.

    Wind energy has no particulate emissions, causes no lung disease and no asthma.
    Wind energy has 1% of the CO2 emissions of coal, and 2% of the CO2 emissions of natural gas.
    New wind energy projects are directly cost competitive with new nuclear and hydro projects at 5-7 cents USD per kWh.

    Wholly irrational concerns such as those raised by this poor and alarmist article are what is over-riding science and reason.’t-blow-all-the-time-Doesn’t-this-make-wind-power-ineffective/answer/Mike-Barnard

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