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“Too busy educating the youth of this country, …

Comment posted Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown by Andy.

“Too busy educating the youth of this country, and others in law and politics.”

If this is your view of this situation then I would worry about the slant which one of your students may take from your lectures. It seems straightforward to me, somebody somewhere messed up big time and the Council leader sorted it. He would not have needed to consult anybody to realise what needed to be done.

Andy also commented

  • I rest my case.
  • “For Anne,
    This is not about scoring points against the snp”
    That is exactly what it is and it gets very predictable and boring after a bit. Many on here have criticisms of all parties for various reasons but they make their point and get on with life. Others will use any excuse to have a go at one party even using a nine year old girl to further their vendetta. It is quite sad really. Do you really care about her, Mary’s Meals, dinner ladies, free speech and censorship? I doubt it.

Recent comments by Andy

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    Perhaps at one time there was plenty of work in the North Sea, not now. A look at AIS around the Aberdeen area will confirm the number of ships sitting off the coast waiting for work, and avoiding harbour dues. Many of these will have been put up for sale to avoid the expense of keeping them active but nobody is buying, and crewing levels are presently at the minimum level necessary to comply with regulations.
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    I had to do a double take too. All those years studying Latin at Dunoon Grammar School under Messrs Galt and Sutherland gives you a sharp sense of the meaning of English words derived from Latin. “Vale” – goodbye (singular), “diction” – from dictus, past participle of dīcere, to say, speak.

    Yours faithfully,


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