‘Abhorrent’? surely, whatever the rights and wrongs of …

Comment posted Tarbet and Luss en fete as Olympic Flame brushes Argyll by Robert Wakeham.

‘Abhorrent’? surely, whatever the rights and wrongs of the olympic bandwagon, this smells of intolerance.

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • Clyde RIver ferry: Business Scotland interview with CalMac’s Martin Dorchester
    So, MB, to sum up, you’re saying ‘CAN’T BE DONE’ – well, using clapped out boats not fit for the purpose, I hope it couldn’t – because, apart from anything else, they could risk taking trade away from the Waverley.
    But using suitable boats – as in Brisbane – with hulls that can operate at decent speeds without kicking up a damaging wake, and with pontoon landings giving easy access, I think it’d be a different story.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Jamie, I hesitate to throw a hostage to fortune by agreeing with Kassandra’s usual aggressively polarised pronouncements, but I do think that there’s a valid argument in suggesting that London’s dancing to a different tune. Not just extreme wealth (some of it fired by dodgy money from God know’s where) fuelling ridiculous housing costs – there are really bad problems of ethnic and economic polarisation, which fuels violent crime just as the dodgy money fuels economic crime on a massive scale, to the detriment of the whole of Britain. And despite very high public transport charges relative to comparable cities, London’s infrastructure investments seem to be sucking money out of the rest of Britain.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Very well said. Yawn.
  • CalMac: the Douglas Fraser teaser
    Sounds very ambitious – and a real political hot potato for a state-owned operator if it proved loss-making.
    In the past Calmac operated the Ballycastle – Rathlin ferry, outside Scotland, and could surely bid for this again, being a good operational ‘fit’ with their business.
  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    Longshanks, you really are talking cobblers.

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17 Responses to ‘Abhorrent’? surely, whatever the rights and wrongs of …

    • Spot on, during the Jubilee the Republicans joined hand in hand with in happiness & unity. Don’t know where you were in this country (Scotland) but here in Dunoon you were very lucky or unlucky depending on your viewpoint if you clocked a small red white and blue streamer fluttering from someone’s door handle or the odd elipse of bunting. Apologies if you are posting this from England or Northern Ireland as they appear to favour this abhorent circus and obviously brought people together in happiness and unity.

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        • Intolerence? Not at all, simply a point of view shared, I’m sure, by many many more in Scotland. The Olympic flame, yes probably bring sections of communities together, sport tends to do this. When the comparison to the Golden Jubilee was made by Islay for ever I am sure I was not alone in noticing the lack of enthusiasm north of the border, wonder why?

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    • I have a long professional history of being seduced by the apparent confidence of titles and not proofing them.
      Many thanks for this prompt – and the location for the visit of the flame this morning is now correct.

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  1. Having been at Luss this morning and taking a few soundings among the locals {like myself},We compared the crowd to-day to a day at Luss Games. The committee members of Luss Games have estimated the crowd at 3000. They were four and five deep all the way from the hotel to the pier with the first of them arriving at 8 am

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  2. The only blot on the event was the racial abuse of a local for holding a saltire by a bombastic guest from south of the Border who currently lives in Helensburgh

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    • We understand that the organisation itself was selling both Saltires and Union Flags to bystanders (£2 a pop) at Luss. (A post-Hampden revision, perhaps?)
      At Tarbet the guy with the bag of merchandise, seemed only to have Union Flags and whistles to sell.

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  3. I think that Graeme should have been at Tarbet where some idiots who were waving saltires let Scotland down by the signs they were making to tourists in coaches from south of the border. Is it any wonder that we are called anti English and ashamed to be Scottish.

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    • Regrettably we do have a mindless anti-English element who give the rest of us here in Scotland a bad name. Thankfully they are well and trully in the minority and hopefully will remain so. It’s all very well having a bit of sporting rivalry and friendly banter however, when it descends into nasty insults or verbal abuse simply because of your country of birth then this is very disappointing. This said, waving the National flag of your country be it England, Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland I don’t think should ever be deemed inapropriate or merit disdain.

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  5. You are quite right to condemn the behaviour of these small minded bigots, and I join you in that. I’m neither anti English nor ashamed to be Scottish and the actions of people like this won’t make me so.

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  6. If we don’t expose racial abuse now then the Independence referendum could become very nasty

    It’s important that all examples are exposed whether it’s by young beds or middle class or aged ones

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