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‘There is a government policy that SPT must …

Comment posted Jackie Baillie MSP calls on SPT to ‘get a grip’ on Kilcreggan ferry situation by Robert Wakeham.

‘There is a government policy that SPT must provide services to the community’ – it’s not that long ago that some of the SPT leadership seemed more focused on providing services to themselves, and can anyone tell me whether there’s been a thorough cleanout of this authority? Is it now fit for purpose, and capable of rising to the challenge of doing more than just ‘managing’ the decline of a potentially very valuable ferry system?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • And if there’s a risk of a mooring rope violently parting (as reported above), and you’re anywhere near it, you could literally lose your head.
  • How on earth can three people ‘dislike’ this account of what happened – do they think it’s untrue?
  • Jackie Baillie MSP is a well regarded and canny politician, but is her plea for the SPT to ‘get a grip’ realistic, or should it be a plea to the Holyrood government to face up to the need to get a very firm (and reforming) grip on SPT itself?

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    A bit of cross-dressing might not do him any harm – and I don’t mean a kilt – just about all the party leaders seem to be women, generally of considerable clout.
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    Probably just a bunch of sad numpties who take delight in childish pursuits.
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    Stop drinking.
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    If the roof was intact and no obvious signs of blood I’d say the occupant(s) escaped intact – sorry to sound flippant, Stuart, but it’s just another day on the A83.
    One time I noticed a car, apparently intact and the right way up, completely underwater on the shore at Ardgartan – it transpired the police knew about it, and no-one had been trapped, but it gave me a fright.
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    Mr Dixon-Spain

    Could you please look at what you’ve written and – if you can’t lower it clear of the header text and advertising blurb that renders most of your message illegible, find someone who can?
    I think that this is the very least that ‘newsie’ deserves – and I very much hope that we haven’t heard the last from her because, as ‘Plugit’ says, she’s been doing a valuable service to the community.

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