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The pontoons will save money and cost jobs …

Comment posted Possible weather disruption to Gourock ferry services 14th and 15th June by innes craig.

The pontoons will save money and cost jobs the operator will make terminals automated with no shore staff in a bid to make cuts.If this happens there will be no back up for any technical failure and no staff on hand .Already Dunoon has no Argyll Ferries rep and all enquiries and complaints are dealt with by Argyll&Bute staff.With automation there will be no one.

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  • While everybody debates the service there seems to be silence from the Dunoon Ferry Group who have not changed there web site since March, it would be interesting to hear what input they have put in and what progress has been made.
  • The problem with the current service is that the vessels are to small(tonnage) to cope with varying weather in the upper Clyde .Last weekends weather was moderate at most in the upper Clyde and in previous years would not have caused any problems .What the service needs are larger boats able to cope with the types of weather & sea that we have .The idea that pontoons are going to improve this service do not stack up the biggest problem is the the passengers comfort during the crossing and pontoons are not going to alter that.Pontoons by there very nature move with the tides and swell and instead of having just the vessel moving at the static link span you would have both moving which would not be comfortable for passengers.This weekends cancellations by the Flyer were caused by inability to berth at Gourock due to swell ,poor fendering on both the vessel and at Gourock berth and her size helped cause this.

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    sporrandipity has hit the nail on the head .all the critics should now get behind the cowal gathering .its to easy to critisise but remember alot of good will and volunteers are need for any event and i wonder how many of the critics do help or would be willing to get involved?
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    in our lifetime and in the current climate there will be no bridges or tunnels,the problem regardless of the weather is that the current vessels are no substantial enough to cope with typical Clyde estuary weather .Pontoons,bridges,tunnels are not the answer ..better vessels are ,theres no point in having decent shoreside infastructure if you cant get there in the first place.
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    The current service has limitations and cannot cope in adverse weather ie the crossing,both terminals are unprotected from East winds and are vulnrable to Easterly fetch and Pontoons will not improve on this only higher tonnage will .In reply to ferryman the restriction on the Alicat at Dunoon pier was 0.6M and this was a berthing restriction not a sailing restriction and this was agreed with Calmac at the time.
  • Gourock-Dunoon ferry: the authoritative position
    1020 Argyll Flyer has just gone off the Dunoon -Gourock run winds are 7-12 Mph and bright and sunny, rough at Gourock berth.
    Fail to see how any pontoons is going to improve this situation.
  • Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure to invite Dunoon ferry interests to meeting
    While most of us would agree that the current service falls woefully short of what we would desire there is no place for some stories which are totally fabricated and are just mischief making.Regarding the “lie on the floor ” entry i can accurately report that this is untrue.

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