A donation from the senior officers of the …

Comment posted New Council Leader’s unambiguous clarification on Dinnergate by Barmore 2.

A donation from the senior officers of the Council would be far more appropriate!

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11 Responses to A donation from the senior officers of the …

  1. After this remarkable fiasco will Councillor Roddy McCuish do the decent thing and make a substantial donation to Martha’s charity on behalf of A&B Council as well as issuing an unconditional apology to this poor young student.

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  2. Its nice that the council are really concentrating on the important problems in Argyll.Never mind SPYGATE and Chord lets just a have a big meeting about School dinners.
    Anyone got any news about officers retiring and being employed again with the council as consultants just a wee story I got today.Will check up to see if Rhodie has any crack about it.

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  3. Pingback: Argyll News: It’s goodbye from Martha as Council switches off her dinnercam | For Argyll

  4. Yet another near wholly embarassing (yet neither much entertaining or particularly humorous) carry on from out of this astonishingly backward local authority. This incident being ingloriously graced with master classes in fumbling incompetence in the interpretation of facts, inappropriate knee-jerk reactions, & then by embarrassing U-turns accompanied by cliche-ridden, rushed out howls of self-justification from the centre, ‘it wisnae me’ etc etc etc (when justly spotted). All comprehensively demonstrating systemic institutional self-regard, woeful symptoms of myopic arrogance, poor organisational coordination, good old-fashioned pomposity, poor service values in general – & the now customary Stalinist methods that have so often disgraced & discredited this thorough shambles of a local authority.

    You really couldn’t invent the catalogue of crass stupidities & self-inflicted wounds that, not infrequently, emanate from the offices of this local council. Barely fit for purpose as an organisation, is the continuing impression that’s created…certainly an impression that’s now well evidenced.

    ‘Happy to hear that this recent incident of sheer disregard & institutional disdain for the aspirations & views of members of the local constituency (i.e. the actual people of the area) has come to detailed national attention via “The Guardian” newspaper’s website. ‘Delighted also to learn that the story has gone viral across the internet. Welcome to the 21st Century, Argyll & Bute Council – it’s perhaps time to wake up to modern ways of doing things now. Could try very much harder – probably would be a good idea to, not least so as to try to avoid becoming a UK-wide laughing stock, in addition to being increasingly deplored across the real world of 21st century Argyll & Bute.

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  5. Will the person or persons responsible for placing the gagging order on this young lady please put his or her hands up, and then resign from AB. This is a disgraceful episode in what was supposed to be a new open council, shades of the old Mc Intyre regime. We need a full enquiry into this matter, and a review of all funding for childrens meals at school. Someone is making money , and children are not getting value for money.
    Lets clear this up and soon before there is a massive public backlash, and heads will roll.

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    • Time for the person or persons reponsible for making a wrong decision to learn from it. I think calling for resignations is as knee jerk a reaction as the decision to pervent Martha from doing her good work. These times of Tory/Lib Dem imposed austerity are hard enough without individuals giving up salaries simply for making what was in my opinion a bad call.

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  6. I know it’s non-PC and in very bad taste, but I can’t get out of my head the image of the perpetrator of the ban trussed up in a large cooking pot suspended over a brisk fire somewhere in the jungle with a lot of very happy kids dancing around it. Sorry.

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  7. How many mistakes do our well-paid council employees have to make before they are asked to resign. There is a well known say “three strikes and you are out”. Clelland Sneddon and Sally Loudon have certainly made more than three glaring mistakes and it is time for them to be given their P45′s with NO payoff.

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