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That’s interesting Ronnie, I too would like know …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by Jnr Tick.

That’s interesting Ronnie, I too would like know why this is the case. When you say ‘quite diffferent’ can you elaborate? Are those meals on the island more nutritious, do they look more appetising? is there more choice? larger portions? Of course, these opinions on meals are all subjective as quality, how appetising etc. are not particularly easy to quantify.

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  • There appear to be two parties at fault in this debacle, A&B Council and a few national rags who are deviod of the ability to be reasoned and impartial. I think it was pretty obvious why these newspapers were so selective in portraying this situation in such a sensationalist and negative light, it suits their political agendas at the expense of a very well meaning child not to mention staff who prepare and cook meals with the budgets they have year in year out. This ban on photographing meals in the dinner hall could surely have been reversed without all the hype and mass media attention had the individual who made this decision appreciated that censorship, especially of an extremely productive and as mentioned well meaning child is something alien to Scotland. Maybe the staff at the school could have been given more reassurance that they were not at risk of losing their jobs, that it was merely reckless and thoughtless media attention. How refreshing to see Councillor McCuish on TV this morning holding his hands up admitting A&B Council had got it wrong, a rare thing in politics these days be it local or National. If only more politicians would do the same considering the gravity and serious repercussions of some mistakes made. Instead we get the usual predictable spin applied to their faux pas, shifting the blame.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Next stop? –
  • What now for Scotland?
    Oh where to start?
    Tbh John, I’ve exhausted the arguments for some time now elsewhere, besides, they are all moot points now. I say moot points because I now believe we as voters of Leave have saved Europe in undermining the foundations of it, leading the way giving other Member States the confidence to regain their independence, in turn controlling borders and all the benefits this permits. At long long last the UK having a positive influence on something!
    Never thought I’d hear myself saying this but well done Farage for his noble and determined pursuit of self determination done achieved against the sort of UK establishment influenced propaganda I witnessed as a Yes voter during our own referendum here in Scotland – I doth my cap to anyone who has the courage to ‘steer their own ship’ and to belief in a people’s potential and abilities to decide what is and isn’t right for them and the future of others.
    North Britain soon to become a unique identifiable independent Scotland next?
  • Johnson remained the entertainer while Gove sold his integrity and his friends
    Gove for Prime Minister is a non-starter.
    His line only four years ago, “I’m not equipped to be PM” will come back to haunt him. Only four years has elapsed since this enlightenment so how has he acquired the ‘equipment’ in such a short period. The equipment I suspect he was referring to might be best explained by himself in the following quotes –
    “No, I’m constitutionally incapable of it. There’s a special extra quality you need that is indefinable, and I know I don’t have it. There’s an equanimity, an impermeability and a courage that you need. There are some things in life you know it’s better not to try.”
    “I don’t have what it takes… I have seen David close up on a variety of occasions: he just has an equanimity and a stamina, a sense of calm, good judgment… The pressure of the job is phenomenal and it takes a toll on you and your family and I don’t think I could do that.”
    ” I don’t know what I can do in a way but if anyone wants me to sign a piece of parchment in my own blood saying I don’t want to be prime minister, then I’m perfectly happy to do that.”
    Instil confidence anyone?
  • What now for Scotland?
    Address the concerns John and never mind the boring smears please.
  • What now for Scotland?
    I am a Scottish European but choosing not to pull & share sovereignty doesn’t make any of us any less European.

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