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Here we have a young child being manipulated …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by FDR.

Here we have a young child being manipulated by her scheming father, the press, the blogging vultures seeking to feed on any issue regarless of the truth, those who wish to use any opportunity to hound council employees. The truth is the loser in this affair. The newsroom made a very good point. Let’s not let little children jangle the keys of heaven. It does no good to them nor to our community.

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    What was the cost to the taxpayer of ‘scrapping’ Gaelic? Typical spurious, historically inacurate, propagantist SNP spinning. How do parents feel about money being spent on Gaelic teacher while crucial educational resources are being sqeezed. Our situation is made all the worse now that we have that king of SNP spin and duplicity, Mr Michael Russell, as our MSP. Just watch! This is going to get much worse.

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