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I stumbled across this thread from a link …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by Brian.

I stumbled across this thread from a link in Wired regarding Martha’s wonderful lunch menu musings. I must say that I find the conclusion arrived at in the anonymous commentary of “newsroom” that Martha must “put it to bed now” and recover the “liberating cloak of anonymity” is small-minded and nasty in its tone. “VEG” (Martha’s own pseudonym before Argyll & Bute decided to pull the plug on her interesting and inspirational blog), has found a voice within NeverSeconds that has allowed this 9-year-old to explore and share not only the minimalist portions of her own prison-style servings, but those of her peers from all over the world. It’s broadened the curiosity of this already bright young girl in terms of diet, culture and language.
She has never been offensive about her portions, just honest. What is offensive is the shameful reaction of adults to her blog. The “kitchenladies” should not feel threatened. If they do it’s not because of the actions of Martha herself but the reactions of a cheap and sensationalist press and an over-zealous and protectionist council. Maybe knuckles should be rapped in the council or the school, and if they are it’s not because of Martha, but because of the bland, unhealthy and unenticing stodge that they are passing off as food.

Martha is a credit to her parents, her school and to Scotland. She is entitled to keep this blog and I hope she does.

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