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It was all going to come to a …

Comment posted NeverSeconds: time to let Martha Payne recover anonymity by Purple Heather.

It was all going to come to a natural end in the next week or two anyway (end of school term & start of summer holidays), which makes the decision by the Council to try and ban it all the more incredulous.

Mum & Dad appear to be trying really hard to protect Martha from everything, which should only be applauded. They have consistently praised the school and all of the staff in the school.

If the dinner ladies are feeling threatened that is the responsibility of the educational department to address appropriately by offering extra support to the dinner ladies and informing them very clearly that the issue is with the Authority and not the role of dinner lady.

And if they are being threatened in the streets of Lochgilphead, that’s more about the mentality of some of the people in Lochgilphead rather than anything to do with Martha’s blog.

If Mum and Dad can continue to protect her for the next week or so, I think it is important for Martha to be able to finish her project. She is only nine years old, no matter how you explain to her the events surrounding her blog she could still worry that she had done something wrong if it is stopped abruptly. And the one person who has done absolutely nothing wrong is Martha.

Purple Heather also commented

  • Exactly Barmore 2 and look at how successful that series was. Not only did it highlight how difficult a dinner lady’s job can be, it helped everyone to understand that the major obstacles to change were nearly always further up the management tree and not at the grass roots.

    Nick Nairn certainly appears to be sincere in his commitment to try and do something positive but there must be a little bit of him thinking that this would be a fantastic opportunity for a TV series and I have a suspicion production companies will be queuing up to fund it. You could offer Mary’s Meals the opportunity to be the programme’s sponsor (free of charge).

    Martha and her Mum & Dad can have as much or little involvement as they like. They might even choose to have no involvement with it at all, but I think from reading Martha’s blog she would be happy for something like this to go ahead as it would hopefully only bring good.

  • ‘It’ll all end in tears’ – absolutely not.

    Nick Nairn and Michael Russell have both committed to work together to turn this unfortunate episode into something positive. Why can’t Argyll and Bute be part of that positive change.

    Councillor McCuish should invite them both for a meeting and commit Argyll and Bute Council to being the lead Authority responsible for rolling out any changes.

    When Nick Nairn and Co have decided what changes should be made they will probably want to work with some dinner ladies directly to test out how best to make the meals. Once tested, they will also need help to demonstrate to the other dinner ladies in the county (and possibly beyond)how to prepare and cook the new meals. Who better to do this than the excellent dinner ladies at Lochgilphead High School.

Recent comments by Purple Heather

  • Martha Payne and NeverSeconds hit fund raising target: new kitchen for Mary’s Meals
    She’s done it… £100,000 – HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, AWESOME!!!

  • Argyll and Bute Council ‘Martha’s Blog’ press release under scrutiny
    I picture the scene in Sally’s office last friday morning …..

    Sally and Cleland see the proverbial s**t hitting the fan – the internet, twitter, radio, tv etc etc

    Sally says “Cleland – what will we do – this is HUGE, where are our Comms team when we need them? We are in a big big hole here”

    Cleland nonchalantly says “where’s the spade ? I’ll get us out of this hole”

    Sally says ” Be careful Cleland – don’t say anything stupid and make it worse than it is!”

    Cleland departing office, spade over shoulder “Trust me Sally, trust me”

  • It’s goodbye from Martha as Council switches off her dinnercam
    Martha’s blog has received over 500,000 hits in the past 12 hours and over 10 milion retweets.
  • Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown
    That certainly wasn’t the message Cleland Sneddon was giving out on radio 5 live, he was blaming it all on Martha and her Dad.
  • It’s goodbye from Martha as Council switches off her dinnercam
    The lunatics are clearly still in charge of the asylum. If they weren’t fully aware of the potential impact of the internet before they certainly will now. The inbox is going to be a little bit full tomorrow morning.

    Martha’s blog has had over 30,000 hits just today and is currently receiving over 200 hits per minute. With numerous bloggers posting the Councils address and details of how to complain to the Council.

    The Council have stupendously escalated the whole thing to a level that they are clearly unable to comprehend. Is it just a coincidence that they are taking their whole website offline this weekend?

    It is a bit worrying though, I was hoping the change in Councillors would of brought some commonsense to the place, clearly not.

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