Renewable equivalence has nothing to with eggs in …

Comment posted Morphing Scotland: Saudi Arabia to Silicone Valley by Graeme mccormick.

Renewable equivalence has nothing to with eggs in one basket

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  • Russell’s remaining questions on Castle Toward
    While Michael Russell’s questions are perfectly reasonable one must ask if they are made by him accepting that the Community bid is dead or not. Even the most resolute of developers will tire of being political pawns after a while so I would caution making much of the whys and wherefores at this time and let’s have some encouragement for what on paper could be a major boost to Cowals economy.

    I’d give the proposer five months to produce the financial package after which incisive questioning of the council role would be appropriate.

  • End of Castle Toward soap opera may be sale to soap tycoon
    Having tried to suggest a practical way to bridge the divide between the council and the proponents of the Community buyout I must say that this sounds a better deal for the council and the local communityif the funds stack up.

    Scotland is littered with large Victorian piles which end up in public or community ownership. they cost a fortune to maintain . I live in a house built in 1865 and my wife pays for its repair. That is our choice as private individuals.

    However it is invariably the case that Victorian piles for community use are a waste of public funds. Much better to build something built for purpose. It costs less to build and maintain and offer our excellent young architects opportunity.

    Introduce a Land Valuation Rental system and the land will become available. Then the community will build its facilities that are fit for purpose. Let’s move on.

  • Argyll Bute Council, challenge, complaint, codes of conduct and the scheme of things
    Instead of the past political shenanigans one would hope that the SNP council candidates will sign up to an agreed programme to serve all of A & B .

    The programme must include a division of the political leadership and the paid officials through the creation of a public service bureau .

    Devolution to local areas of all services and a repopulation strategy are essential elements.

  • Signpost to a one-party state: First Minister aims for record turnout at 2016 Scottish election
    Rather than bleat about a one party state perhaps Newsie could advise what the SNP should do to reduce its appeal to the electorate all in the interests of democracy.

    I don’t recall Newsie complaining about a one party state over the 50 years when Labour always won despite never securing 50% of the popular vote.

  • Davidon chases clarity from Labour on charitable status of independent schools
    I haven’t come across any parents who think their children’s education is dire.

    The purpose of education is to inspire everyone to develop his or her talents to flourish. To flourish one needs to understand rather than simply have an ability to exam pass. Curriculum for excellence is designed to promote understanding .

    If private education was to end the state would have to provide school places for these children about 30000. To fund that tax would need to be increased and that would be taxes on all taxpayers not just those who would otherwise choose private education. From a practical point of view who is prepared to pay more tax to abolish private education?

    I think I’m right in thinking that there are senior politicians in all the major parties who privately educate their children.

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11 Responses to Renewable equivalence has nothing to with eggs in …

    • Silicone Valley is so much more redolent of Hollywood than Holyrood!

      (in the interests of research I Googled “Silicone Valley” and, sure enough, it brings up a lot of rather sleazy sounding websites)

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  1. “Nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket”
    The not so infinite and polluting fossil fuels accompanied by Nuclear power are old eggs in one basket, very short sighted indeed. Shame on Scotland for striving towards non reliance on these polluting fuels, for striving towards lowering our carbon footprint and aiming to sustain our lifestyles with 100% green energy. Whether we manage this within the timescale we are looking to achieve to me is not as important as leading the way and by example, influencing others, showing there is another way. The fact that we have this ‘out of sight out of mind’ way of dealing with spent uranium, burying it in tonnes of concrete until we know what to do with it, is just not good enough. Countries like Japan and Germany are now turning their backs on nuclear energy with the latest contamination in Japan making these and other countries think again. Providing energy from green sources is definately the way ahead but will take time to develop as many are still in their infancy yet to be harnessed to their full potential.

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  2. “sustain our lifestyles with 100% green energy”

    You might want to check your facts here….we are talking renewables not “Green”…there has never been a plan to goo 100% green…and FYI Japan has just turned some nukes back on….

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    • Green, renewables, harnessing the elements and what nature provides with the aim to have less or eventually no reliance on polluting dirty fossil fuels, hope I am still around in the decades to come to see this come to fuition Globally. Regarding Japan, they are backing off their commitments on climate change such is the sudden rise in consumption of fossil fuels since their nuclear lower station problems. They may have turned a couple of nuclear power stations back on rather than risk blackout but this country are far from happy about continuation of the reliance on this power. A vote put to the Italians last year threw up a 90% vote against going down the nuclear power station route, a result many other European countries I am sure would echo. Last I read on Germany they plan to phase out their nuclear power stations within the next 8-10 years.

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      • The US amongst others have also backed off Kyoto agreement.
        The harsh fact is:Onshore/offshore Hydrocarbon production: Coal Oil Gas etc…is rising faster than ever, there has been no slow down due to environmental concerns, maybe just a few minor dips due to economics.
        Also: Production of hydrocarbons is currently not on par with exploration, new ‘commercially viable” reserves are been discovered all of the time/methods of removing oil are improving all the time which leaeds to re-visits of old reserves once thought commercially non-viable…production capacity cannot keep pace with demand, this is not because of limited reserves it is due to limited production facilities (which in turn is due to the intervention or lack of intervention by OPEC) There are massive easily accessible Iraqi reserves which will flood the market within the next 7 years…Iraq will become number 3 in OPEC once the Saudi’s let them in. Zubair area for example is one of the largest reserve in the world. Over the past 20 years or so it’s daily production capacity has been around 10%
        There is a lot of spin in the Oil business but basically prices are high because production is kept low, not because the big players are running out of oil.
        Our future as a species seems unfortunatelly be determined by economics and greed…not sense and respect for our planet.

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  3. Pingback: Scotland could see ‘Silicon Valley effect’ from green energy – BBC News | Lenta Asia

  4. Unfortunately it’s not greed it about choice.

    I choose to ride my bike to work every day rather than drive.
    My boss chooses to drive an electric car. And my summer present this year was an solar panel to charge my phone.

    Do I work for a renewables company nope I work for one I the 4 largest global contractors in the oil industry.

    It’s about choice

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