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Nope, they were/are a bad idea. …

Comment posted Caithness wind farm rejection by henri.

Nope, they were/are a bad idea.

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  • Let’s put it this way. How many square miles of solar panels, square kilometres of wind farms and number of nuclear powerplants would we need to replace oil. By the way, when oil is gone, so is the plastics industry.
  • You are one funny man Malcolm. You are up to your eyeballs in waste and can’t see it.
  • Ban them…………..
  • John, the city/town of the future will not require the type of transportation that we use today. We will live/eat/sleep/entertain ourselves all within walking distance. You are probably thinking how we will travel from town to town or from continent to continent. Don’t forget that oil has made possible all our current forms of transportation. When oil disappears, we will just have to walk.
  • Like I said, you guys have it all wrong…..old thinking. By the way, I have lived 72 years in this world. I am also an engineer. We would like to believe that we can solve our problems by using more benign forms of energy but such energy sources hide some serious long term side effects as discussed above regarding recycling, mining, etc, etc. I am hoping that we can change the way we live by living in compact communities where transportation needs can be whittled down to almost zero. It will be impossible to generate energy in the amounts consumed today by replacing oil with solar and wind energy. Nuclear power has some serious issues as well as we all know. Can you imagine the wind and solar farms required to do this. Come on now, there must be some intelligent folks out there who can use a simple calculator. Doomsday or not, we are faced with some very serious choices, choices that will change forever the way we live. We have been living in an oil “dreamworld”. Had we not found oil, there would’nt be a single tree left on the planet which leads me to believe that there are just too many of us. If we can’t sustain ourselves without causing environmental damage, then we are not living right. Changes aren’t going to be legislated; nature will provide the impetus to change when the time comes. The earth knows how to take care of itself.

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