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I expect the new Lead Councillor on Education, …

Comment posted Major success for Argyll and Bute Council education staff and for Kilmodan school by Gerry Fisher.

I expect the new Lead Councillor on Education, who knows his area of reponsibilty , possibly better than his appointed staff, to lay down the law to his staff as to policies and guidance. The days of paid staff laying down policy, and failing to give correct information to the elected members and the Council as a whole, are over. One such occurrence such as we have seen in the last few years will lead, I hope, not to resignations and “settlements” but to termination with no recompence. The first real test will probably come in the next 2 weeks with the report on Spygate and the dealing with the culprits in that affair.

Gerry Fisher also commented

  • Yes – well done to EDOs, so why shouldnt all the QIOs become EDOs?
    And I hope that Neil McIntyre gets the answers to his questions quickly – I cant think of a good reason why he shouldnt.

Recent comments by Gerry Fisher

  • Managed protest at Pacific Quay shames pro-indy campaign
    Lynda – you write
    “it became progressively clear that principle had been discarded …”
    Now that is an opinion which might just demand some evidence to sustain it. Except to the degree that one might find it impossible to follow any principles over 40 years and not find the touch of deviation. Unfortunately it is the case that the voters, by and large, are not as interested in matters of constitutional principle as they might (should?) be and demand a manifesto filled with predictive “facts” or claims. I find it risible that BT leaders like Darling demand certainty from Yes on the future economy of this country – when He and the wee Broon, both patently incompetent as economists, couldn’t produce any such certainty over 13 years – but the voters will demand certainty so the Fear factor is brought out to play. As for false prospecti, did you ever examine closely any manifesto from Tory or Labour, at least after the 1945 election?
  • Oban SNP horrified as local MSP sets up event competing with next week’s by-election
    Lucy – care to offer odds?
    And what limit would you put on the bet?
    Or wouldn’t you?
    You have a vote in Ward 5?
    I ask, because your position is not known to me – and like most of the others who “comment” here, you choose to do so anonymously. While the ballot is secret, and must remain so, I am not sure that those who comment adversarily or criticise a political point of view are due a reply if they choose to do so behind a curtain of secrecy.,
  • Gerry Fisher on Oban North and Lorn
    Richsrd: irrespective of your point above – see my answer before it , which stands as my position of principle.
  • Gerry Fisher on Oban North and Lorn
    I personally am in favour of wind farms, subject to local consultation and gains for the local community. I worry about the extent to which capital will go to the wind, before it can go to the tide and wave, because of techmological dalays in the latter energy source.
    Yes – with Sandy Taylor – a condition of my being the SNP candidate.
    As for the jobs at Faslane, the STUC report settled the jobs question for me. If you ask whether I would agree to Trident replacement subject to a bribe to Argyll and Bute, my only answer is that the money does not/ would not pay for the about-turn on principle., which I believe is the view of the majoeity in A and B, as well as the rest of this nation.
  • The For Argyll Ward 5 Challenge
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